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Ski Resort in France: Mont Blanc Natural Resort

France is hard to beat when it comes to the ski resort. It is one of the most popular countries in the world for British skiers. Various attractions surround the country the skiers will surely appreciate. From jaw-dropping designed high-altitude, the entire family will surely love the breathless traditional chocolate box resorts ...Read More

5 Things Travelers Should Know Before Flying to France

There’s no doubt about it: France is a must-visit country for each traveler. However, just like a lot of places on Earth, there are some unavoidable things that travelers need to deal with. More often, an enjoyable experience depends on how prepared you are on your travels. Before packing your bags, here ...Read More

Top Summer Destinations – Five Vacation Ideas for 2016

With the coming of summer, many people around the world are starting to anticipate their summer vacation. When planning your next holiday consider some of these popular destinations. ...Read More

Chateau de Chambord

Chateau de Chambord is located in Chambord, in the Loit et Cher region of France. It is one of the most famous Chateaux in the world, and among the most distinctive ones, because of the easily recognizable French Renaissance style of architecture that is a combination of several forms from the French ...Read More

Cluny Abbey – Rediscover the roots of Christianity

A walk into the Middle Ages with all the reminiscent grandeur, wood and stone art to stir the soul within. The relevance of this epic structure first came to the fore during the middle ages. Situated in Burgundy, France it was the epicenter of a monastic revolution. The church here was the ...Read More