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How to get internet in Poland?

When planning a trip abroad, it is very important to ensure that you have access to good Internet. Nowadays, a lack of Internet connectivity can be a serious handicap, especially in a foreign country where you are unfamiliar with local customs and language. Therefore, if you are traveling to Poland it is essential to get fast and reliable internet. Here are some options for getting internet in Poland:

  1. SIM cards – one way to get internet access in Poland is to purchase a SIM card from one of the Polish operators. SIM cards usually offer a data package with varying amounts of GB that can be used for the duration of your stay in Poland. However, keep in mind that in small towns there may be a problem finding a store where you can purchase a card. In addition, in order to use the Internet, it is necessary to register the card, which can be cumbersome, especially if you don’t speak the language. Also, not everyone likes to spend time standing in lines, especially when on vacation.
  2. WiFi – More and more places in Poland offer free WiFi to their guests, such as airports, hotels, cafes and restaurants. It is worth remembering, however, that this is only an ad hoc solution, as we only have internet in a specific place. If we want to search for something outside of it, we may not be able to access the Internet. In addition, you often have to ask for the WiFi password, which may involve a language barrier problem.
  3. Roaming – It is also possible to connect to the network via international roaming. However, we recommend this solution only in emergency situations – when, for example, you get lost or need to urgently search for something on the Internet. Outside these cases, we strongly advise against it! Intensive use of roaming can end up with a gigantic bill of even several thousand.
  4. Polish WiFi router – it is a mobile 4G/LTE router providing unlimited Internet throughout Poland. Two devices will be available to choose from if you opt for this option. You will be able to select the offer that best suits your internet data needs and budget:

4G/LTE router:

  • provides coverage from a single Internet service provider,
  • has an operating time of up to 7 hours,
  • the download speed is 150Mbps and the upload speed is 112Mbps,
  • the user has 100GB per month at full speed, after exceeding this value, the Internet speed will drop to 1MB/s.

4G+/LTE+ router:

  • provides internet access from the four largest Internet service providers in Poland,
  • operating time is up to 13 hours,
  • download speed is 300Mbps and upload speed is 150Mbps,
  • the user has 200GB per month at full speed, once this value is exceeded the internet speed will drop to 5MB/s.

It’s worth remembering that regardless of the device you choose, both have the latest data security software built in, so you won’t have to worry about hackers logging into your bank anymore. In addition, the device won’t take up much space – it’s small and portable (about the size of a cell phone), so you can take it with you anywhere and enjoy unlimited Internet access wherever you are.

In addition, Polish WiFi can be delivered anywhere you want:

– to the hotel or to the apartment,

– to your home,

– to the airport,

– to the InPost parcel,

The benefit of this is that you will avoid waiting in queues and overcome any language barriers.

As you can see, the options for getting Internet in Poland are quite numerous, so you can easily find something for yourself.