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Different Types of Hop on Hop off Buses in Budapest

Hop on Hop off Budapest trip usually involves a bus and boat tour. So, you can experience the city from the land and sea. You can choose from the two variations available: ...Read More

5 Things Travelers Should Know Before Flying to France

There’s no doubt about it: France is a must-visit country for each traveler. However, just like a lot of places on Earth, there are some unavoidable things that travelers need to deal with. More often, an enjoyable experience depends on how prepared you are on your travels. Before packing your bags, here ...Read More

Top 7 Ruin Pubs in Budapest For A Clubber

The great spas and pubs are some of the great reasons why you should visit Budapest and enjoy its nightlife. One of the outstanding places that you will notice in Budapest is the ruin pubs which are all over. Perhaps this is the only place across the globe where you will see ...Read More

The Natural Treasures of Northern Hungary

The north of Hungary is home to the country’s highest peak, miles and miles of hiking trails, vast cave complexes, lakes, waterfalls, sweet golden and robust red wines, UNESCO world heritage sights and old industrial towns where time has stopped. ...Read More

Unexpected Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a place of diversity and contrasts. Though the capital counts only some 100,000 inhabitants, they stem from over 150 countries. They all appreciate and enjoy the incentives of the city built around a fortress more than 1,000 years ago. ...Read More

Prague Nightlife: Bars and Pubs in Prague

The fourteenth century was known as “Prague’s Golden Age”. King Charles IV (1346-1378) ruled with a firm but fair hand. Due in no small part to his foresight and vision, he established Prague as one of the most culturally renowned and prosperous cities in all of Europe. ...Read More

Sightseeing tours in Berlin

Berlin, a city that has a past that can be described as eventful, Berlin has a whole lot of attractions that make for a rewarding visit here. The city is a hub for culture, history, art, music and is famous for a whole lot of stately monuments that stand in picture book ...Read More

Explore These Amazing Wine Regions In Spain

Spain is well-known for it’s champagne, as well as being a world class producer of sherry, reds and whites. In fact, there’s over 5,000 wineries that produce millions upon millions of wine yearly. Wine-making is both an important part of the country’s history and economy. This is why it should come to ...Read More

Forget stereotypes – get acquainted with Russia

We all know the Russian history and its culture, so it isn’t very surprising that this country is often very misunderstood and thought to be very rustic and old-school. But let me tell you this – it is time to forget the stereotypes and get acquainted with Russia. If you are a ...Read More

Top Summer Destinations – Five Vacation Ideas for 2016

With the coming of summer, many people around the world are starting to anticipate their summer vacation. When planning your next holiday consider some of these popular destinations. ...Read More

Main Attractions in Italy

Italy is truly an exciting holiday destination. The changing landscape and rich cultural heritage together have blessed the nation with many of the outstanding attractions that keep attracting tourists throughout the year. Regarded as one of the stylish countries on the globe, the main attractions in Italy range from fine pubs to ...Read More

What to see in Las Palmas

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded on 24th June 1478 and it is the largest city in all the Canary Islands with a population of more than 350,000. The town has a rich history and there is a lot of what to see in Las Palmas. These are some of the ...Read More

The pros and cons of all-inclusive family vacation packages

For inexperienced travelers who aren’t quite sure how to book hotels, tours, and transportation in a foreign country, all-inclusive vacation packages have provided an easy option for going abroad. They have become very popular over the last several decades, but they are not without their disadvantages. The best thing about an all-inclusive ...Read More

Trip to Italy: visiting the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the Vesuvius

Italy has many great destinations to visit and if you intend to travel to Italy there is a wide choice of excellent vacation destinations. If you are interested in history, Italy can be one of the best choices and the country has attractions to see that date back thousands of years. There ...Read More

Port of Call: Tenerife, Spain

Perhaps you booked your cruise with the intent to visit the Canary Islands, or maybe you just looked at your itinerary and noticed that a stop in Tenerife was on the agenda. Either way, you will be in for a treat when your ship pulls into port at the largest island in ...Read More

5 City Tours in Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital city, and the largest one too, of Sweden and is a popular port of call on Scandinavian cruises.   You may get a tease of the city as a port of call, returning later to take full measure of it, or you may discover it in depth with a ...Read More

7 Museums in Corfu, Greece

A cruise in the Greek islands is as full of beauty and it is history, and in between enjoying the water and beaches there’s plenty of time to discover a little something more. ...Read More

Majorca: here comes the sun

Why Choose Majorca? First, Majorca offers beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters and glorious sunshine; it’s no wonder Majorca is often referred to as an island paradise. If you like to lay back and read a book Majorca is definitely the place to unwind and relax. ...Read More

Weekend trips to Budapest

Widely viewed as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest, ‘The Pearl of the Danube’ is growing increasingly popular with visitors from the UK. The capital of Hungary provides a truly stunning blend of old and new, the mixture of grand historical buildings and bustling bars and restaurants along the ...Read More

Lisbon uncovered

Charm and pleasing weather has made Portugal one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, if not the world. Portugal’s diverse topography, hosting luscious hills and a beautiful countryside, coupled with both modern and ancient cities make it a spellbinding place to visit. ...Read More