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The Ultimate Guide for Travel Nurses’ Road Trip and Top Cities to Work In

For travel nurses who mostly spend 13 weeks at one destination, road trips are a big part of the job. Most travel nurses move to their new assignment by road tripping from distances as little as 100 miles to long distances farther than 3,000 miles. ...Read More

What Are The Top Beach Drinks?

It is a good idea to make a list if you would like to try a number of different drinks, especially because a lot of resort bars may not have drink menus. If you are not sure about the best beach drinks to order, each time that you see someone who has ...Read More

Tips for solo road trips

Solo road trips can be a lot of fun. There are steps that should be taken to make your trip as enjoyable and safe as possible. Consider the following tips. ...Read More

7 Steps to Take Before Becoming a Location-Independent Digital Nomad

There are many benefits to being a digital nomad. You can escape from the drudgery and routine of traveling to the same place every day for work. Once you’ve untethered yourself from your home and become location independent, as soon as one place bores you, you’re free to move on to another ...Read More