Chateau de Chambord

Chateau de Chambord is located in Chambord, in the Loit et Cher region of France. It is one of the most famous Chateaux in the world, and among the most distinctive ones, because of the easily recognizable French Renaissance style of architecture that is a combination of several forms from the French medieval times, and classical Italian styles. The Chateau is a much visited attraction in France. It is the largest Chateau in the Loire Valley region. (more…)

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Travel destinations for the summer

As the economy is reviving steadily, the days of low cost airfares and hotel fares will soon end. Airfares rose 22 per cent over last year, same story with hotels throughout the world. The travel industry is also getting back up, and while this is a good thing, this will no more mean cheap prices. However, there are still a number of travel destinations that are cheap, and this summer, you can explore these locations at a comparatively cheaper rate, with no sacrifice to enjoyment or quality. There are a number of excellent options for travelers. Travel destinations all over the world are being visited in increasing numbers, and altogether, this is a happy time. (more…)

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Krak des Chevaliers

The Krak Des Chevaliers is a Crusader Castle in Syria. The castle was the stronghold for the Crusaders, or the Knights Hospitallers. The castle received fortification in the latter part of the 12 th century. The castle was built with an intention to act as a defense against invasions or sieges, and the castle is built in a form that is suitable for this function. There is a curtain wall that surrounds the castle, and this actually encloses another set of towers and walls that surround the central court. (more…)

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Alnwick Castle – A history

The Alnwick castle is a definite must visit whenever you get a chance. For those who do not know, it is the castle that was used as the set for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Series.

The castle boasts of a rich and illustrious past. The history of the Alnwick castle goes as far back as the years 1172 and 1174. The castle was witness to the great wars that took place in the region when King William ( William the Lion ) from Scotland led siege to the Kingdom. (more…)

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The Mystery of the Aurora Borealis

The dancing of the arcs of the light resonate a mysterious feeling in the minds of many and have been doing so for quite some time now.

A typical night sky in the city can be a disaster with the pollution in the air making the sight of a single blinking star a miracle. The night skies outside the metropolis are a picture of perfection with the many constellations and the planets setting the black canvas ablaze with their silver white flashes. (more…)

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Polar Ice caps: A hope for our future

One of the prized treasures of our planet because losing them can mean losing the planet. A lot of news and research studies one must have observed focus on the melting of the glaciers buildup of the poles. Global warming and the green house gases are to be blamed. A ton of documentaries, Global international summits and high profile press conferences seem to have worked as nations unite in cutting emissions responsible for the heating up of the earth. (more…)

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Kenilworth Castle

The original Kenilworth Castle was a mighty edifice. It sported an enormous Norman tower, a stone rectangle about three floors in height. The castle had a wide moat defending it. The red and sandstone castle is now in its bare shell form, but is almost as imposing a sight, as it was in the days of Henry II. The castle was taken into royal possession by the king, who fell in love with the castle on sight. (more…)

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Hotel Le St James

Hotel Le St James is one of the most opulent in the entire Old Montreal region. The hotel fits seamlessly with the Old Montreal locality which is the Montreal equivalent of America’s Wall Street. The building originally functioned as a mercantile bank. The hotel matches with the location, and gives off an aura of sophistication and style. (more…)

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Gwalior Fort

The Mughal Emperor Babur called the Gwalior Fort, “the pearl in the necklace that is castles in Hind”. The fort was the mightiest as well as the most beautiful among all forts in the Indian subcontinent. The fort was one of the most coveted in the entire region, and almost every ruler that had some power had a dream of occupying the fort. (more…)

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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a palace in the real sense of the word. The structure is located in the south west area of London, and is host to tourists from all over the world who come here to marvel at the remarkable architecture.

The palace sits in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The Hampton Court Palace was stayed in by the British royal family prior to the 18 th century. (more…)

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Zagreb Croatia

Croatia has been increasingly surging in terms of popularity in the recent times. The country has become quite the tourist destination, with the heavenly Dalmatian coast and the exquisite cities dating back to the Middle Ages.

Zagreb is the capital of the country, and is a destination that should never be missed on a Croatia vacation. (more…)

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Montverde is a small town in Costa Rica. The place thrives due to its eco tourism. The biodiversity of the place is amazing. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve along with Santa Elena, and Cerro Plano consists o the crux of tourists attractions in this region. On References of the place can be traced to about 00 BC.Many indigenous objects like pots, containers and ceramics have been found in the region belonging to the Clovis Native Americans. (more…)

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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most important attractions, and is certainly among the most rewarding experiences when visiting the city of Edinburgh and its sights. The castle dates back to the year one thousand one hundred and thirty by King David I of Scotland. (more…)

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Yokohama Tourist attractions

Yokohama is a city that lies in the Tokyo Bay is one of the most underrated destinations in Japan. It is not filled with culturally rich attractions and exciting sights, but there certainly is enough to see, do and admire. There are a great number of Yokohama tourist attractions that make for an exceedingly rewarding destination. (more…)

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Best Bars in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a top class destination in Cambodia that has a huge number of attractions for visitors. The bars and clubs in Phnom Penh are a varied lot. There are a good number of dance oriented and other locations that are popular with both expats and locals. There are a good number of excellent choices available. Many tourists hang around at the best bars in Phnom Penh. (more…)

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Mauna Lani Resort

The natural beauty of Hawaii is all around you at the Mauna Lani Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. This 3200-acre resort, along the uncrowded shoreline of the Kohala Coast, has just 350 rooms and pampers its guests with a combination of Hawaiian history, hospitality, and understated luxury. (more…)

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Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle was built originally by William the Conqueror, who built in by the usual way then, in wood. The castle was rebuilt in stone later by Henry II.

The castle of now is a very different scenario, and you will not see much that will match with your idea of what the traditional castle should look like. (more…)

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Parthenon, Athens – Greece

The Parthenon in Athens’ considered the most famed surviving building belonging to ancient Greece as well as one among the best architecture globally.

The Parthenon stood tall as Athens’ Acropolis for roughly about 2,500 years. It was constructed to thank the city’s Goddess Athena for protecting Greece and Athens during Persian Wars. (more…)

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