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Searching for an Apartment for Rent in Sihanoukville?

Finding an apartment in Sihanoukville is not as big of a challenge as one would think. Even if you are a foreigner that doesn’t speak Khmer, but only English. The locals, especially businessmen and salespeople, are quite fluent in English, so the language is no issue. ...Read More

Finding the Right Apartment for Rent in Hanoi: Tay Ho versus Ba Dinh

Finding an apartment to rent in Hanoi can be challenging. The city is a mix of different cultures, but also full of history, color, and entertainment. Choosing the best place can be tricky, with so many options out there, but not impossible. Depending on why you move to Hanoi, you might have ...Read More

Is it expensive to live in Kuala Lumpur?

It is not very complex to understand that some of the cities are more expensive to live in compared to smaller places. However, Kuala Lumpur is not one among them. The quality of life is remarkable here. Different religions and cultures come together and create the perfect harmony and positive energy that ...Read More

Jumeirah Beach: best tourist attractions and things to do

If you thought beach resorts are only about beaches, sun and sand, then Jumeirah beach in Dubai UAE will change your opinion. The Jumeirah beach is considered a rather upmarket beach with a number of tourist resorts of all hues and sizes. In fact you will even find a golf course here. ...Read More

The jewel of Thailand: Pattaya

Pattaya is a jewel in Thailand’s property market, with new developments coming up like mushrooms to support the increasing demand from both Thais and foreigners for condominium units, apartments, single houses and villas. And with a new international airport just 60 minutes away, one could say that Pattaya real estate is a ...Read More

What do in Singapore: Brief Travel Guide

Modern Singapore was founded by the British as a trading colony in 1819 due to its geographical location between East and West. Independent since 1965, Singapore is a very modern city and has one of the highest population densities in the world. Be warned, it is extremely crowded! ...Read More

Koh Rong: Cambodia’s Hidden Paradise

Cambodia is an increasingly popular travel destination, as visitors from all over the world flock to see the magnificent temples of the Angkor era. Although it is the temples that draw people to this South East Asian nation, it is often the warmth of the Khmer people that makes the most long-lasting ...Read More

Family-Friendly Skiing in Japan

Planning a Japan ski holiday but worried about what to do with the younger members of your family?  While much of your time will be spent on the slopes, there are a lot of things to consider when planning a ski vacation with children.  ...Read More

Traditional holidays in Vietnam

Here is a list of traditional holidays in Vietnam. Their dates are all in Vietnamese Lunar Calendar. Some of them are related to agriculture (traditionally the most important sector of Vietnamese economy), some of them have religious meaning, most (many people would say all) of them bear the legacies of the strong ...Read More

Transportation in China

Of the four possible modes of travelling around China – bus, train, plane or boat – only the boat can be considered relaxing, and even here a few provisos must be added. However, it is important to remember that China has come a long way in a short time, and further improvements ...Read More