Sightseeing tours in Berlin

Berlin, a city that has a past that can be described as eventful, Berlin has a whole lot of attractions that make for a rewarding visit here. The city is a hub for culture, history, art, music and is famous for a whole lot of stately monuments that stand in picture book testimony of the events that blighted the past of the city. There are a good range of attractions in central Berlin that are extremely unique. There is a wealth of accommodations in and around Berlin. You can also rent apartments in Berlin for the length of your stay. By living in Central Berlin, you can enjoy numerous restaurants, bars in the central area.

Berlin Cathedral and river Spree

Berlin Cathedral and river Spree

The main tourist attractions in Berlin are located in and around the city, so it might be worth considering having a bus tour of the city. There is a whole number of excellent Berlin attractions to be seen as you take the bus tour. The bus tour takes you along the major tourist attractions. Bus tours take you on a large loop around central Berlin, passing through highlights like Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, and even Hitler’s final resting place, an unmarked spot in the corner of a nondescript car park in a residential area. There is a commentary that goes on for the whole duration of the tour, in multiple languages.

There are a number of highlighted Berlin attractions that travelers are advised to keep an alert look out for, such as the Brandenburg Gate, which is among the most recognized and popular attractions. It is an iconic structure for Berlin, and has been photographed a phenomenal number of times, and will be.

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

There is also the Story of Berlin exhibition, which is a great place to head to, if you want to find out about how the city was formed, as well as major number of other fascinating insights about the city. There are a number of exhibits related to the history of Berlin, as well as the culture and major happenings. The Potsdamer Platz is a major trendy spot, and there is no dearth to quality to these tourist attractions.

The Scloss Charlottenburg is another major spot that is notable. The structure is the largest in size among the palaces in the city, and is famous for being a magnificent specimen of 17th century baroque architecture. The palace is renowned for its rococo, which is extremely elaborate. The palace is a major sightseeing attraction that is highlighted, and is visited by a large number of travelers in Berlin, who are fascinated by the splendor.

tv tower berlin

TV Tower Berlin

A Berlin tours also show you the Television Tower (Fernsehturm), which dominates the sky line here, and is famed for the excellent views on offer from the pinnacle. The tour finishes at Museum Island after a brief stop at the haunting Berlin National Memorial, where a cloaked statue of a woman sits, holding her son as he dies from his war wounds. The circular hole in the ceiling above her lets in some light, but also rain, and at times, the dark statue almost appears to be weeping.

There is a whole number of attractions that can be found in Berlin, and should under no condition be missed.

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