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Top Summer Destinations – Five Vacation Ideas for 2016

With the coming of summer, many people around the world are starting to anticipate their summer vacation. When planning your next holiday consider some of these popular destinations. ...Read More

Itaipu Dam : A miracle of a structure

A genius of a man made structure lighting up millions of homes and bringing them out of darkness. ‘Peanuts’ is the word used by some economic experts to describe the impact of Renewable Energies. The common bias is that they are “unreliable”, “not sufficient” and “not feasible”. But the engineering wonder that ...Read More

Harbour of Rio de Janeiro

The largest bay in the world and its name means ‘river of January’ is unparalleled in its beauty due to the unique mountains gracing its shores. It is also known as Guanabara Bay. ...Read More

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest is first and foremost the largest Rainforest in the world and also one of the greatest source of natural resources world over.The “Lungs of our Planet” as it is commonly called because its huge vegetation mass recycles carbon dioxide continuously into Oxygen, produces about 20 % of the planets oxygen ...Read More

Fernando de Noronha

If you are in Brazil and happen to ask about Fernando de Noronha to passer by, in all possibility he will be singing more than praises. This beautiful archipelago of Islands and beaches is the pride and joy of every Brazilian. The name is derived from a 16th century Portuguese nobleman who ...Read More

Sao Paulo – a diverse and dynamic city

Sao Paulo, a very dynamic and diverse city located in the South American country of Brazil, is also the Latin America’s economic center. The nightlife here is raging with more than a thousand restaurants. This is paired along with a lot of beautiful parks and amazing shopping locations. The tours of the ...Read More

Nude Beaches in South America

Traveling to any destination is mind pleasing, and not to mention the euphoria it creates when the travel destination involves a beach. The clean waters, never ending sea from the seashore, the clean pebbles, playful sand, basking in the sun, watching the waves roll by are lifetime experiences, and if the beaches ...Read More