Robin Hood’s Bay – England

We all know what it means like longing for a good vacation and the extensiveness it involves while planning it. In order to fulfill our dreams, we end up searching numerous travel blogs in hopes of finding our travel interests. Now, here lies the real problem as all the beach destinations you want to dive in sound the same for the most part such as clean waters, pristine sands, though which cannot be excluded, becomes quite boring while going through the blogs in whole. We rather thought of beaches that had a value in the past or carried great stories or secrets from a long time. A beach would definitely excite anybody, but a beach with a strange history adds a charm to the place. When you think about beach destinations and the luxury offered by some of the best resorts in the world, there’re many, but have no major stories to tell you. Especially, for adventure seekers, you need to visit unique beaches.

Robin Hood Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay – England

Let’s talk about Robin Hood’s Bay in England. It was widely known for a great network of smuggling carried out here including involvement of the clergy. Evidence suggests that settlements here were around 3000 years old. One could still get numerous fossils along the marshes. This particular village on the Yorkshire Coast of England was best known as smugglers’ paradise in the 17th Century. The land is primarily protected on all the three sides from marshy moorland. This was the prime place for smuggling tax-free contrabands like silk, tea, tobacco and gin from ships traveling from countries like France and Holland. The operation was quite massive with top clergymen involved and also farmers, fishermen and the gentry. During this time, there were many battles fought when tax men tried to evade smugglers from carrying out their illegal activities. In case tax men were sighted, bay wives would act quickly and pour hot water off their house windows onto the law enforcement agencies. Secret passages for smuggling large bundles of silk were many within the village.

Robin Hood  Bay England

At the present time, this village is well known for its friendly beaches, national parks, rock pools and offerings such as numerous pubs, cafes and tearooms available. People interested in hunting fossils might also try out their luck, as they might bump into some souvenirs somewhere in the moorland.

Getting Here :

There are regular train services running from London to Yorkshire, then change trains and head to Scarborough. Bus services are available from Scarborough to Robin Hood’s Bay. There’re also ferries that run on a daily basis from Rotterdam and land at Hull.

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