Bournemouth, England

After a tired day at work, what do you like to do? No, we are not talking about the usual TV scenes, but making plans for a beach venture where you’d lighten up yourself for a pleasant night ahead. Again, finding a beach to suit your mood wouldn’t be that difficult, but getting to a beach that has an interesting tale to tell would be an opportunity well sought.

In the UK, concepts of new age seaside resorts boomed way back in 1700s, at a time when doctors were advertizing about ocean water and coastal weather’s health benefits. During that time, visitors to beach would change clothes in bathing machines, some kind of a changing room where visitors would change on wheels that later were drawn to the sea directly through horses. This was implemented as the elderly or ill would find it easier to touch the sea. Victorian times saw women and that includes Queen Victoria too utilizing bathing machines in order to safeguard their image. The idea of bathing machines saw its demise as sunbathing became more popular giving rise to tents or hunts in favor of them in 1900s. These served as visitors’ private beachside camps. England’s first ever municipal beach tents were built in 1909 in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth, England, United-Kingdom

At the present time, there’re around 2000 beach tents in various sizes and shapes lining the 5.5-mile Bournemouth beach stretch where about 70% are owned by privateers while the rest is maintained by City Council. Typically, huts come with curtains, deck chairs and small gas stovetops, all these at $13.70 per day. Get ready for a trippy adventure that lies ahead as the evening turns cold and the night still young.

Bournemouth, England

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