Planning for Bali holidays? Try Amankila Resort!

Amankila Bali

Planning for Bali holidays? Then, this time test Amankila. Set amidst the pristine coconut groves of East Bali, Amankila in Bali is a thatched cliff-side retreat whose each side or direction offers great vistas along with a comfortable stay and appetizing meals. Atop the hill, stretch into the typical bale for adoring the vistas of the Lombok Strait; while from the base, relax on the sand for some peace. Tucked exactly in the halfway of the slopes is this Bali hotel whose right and left are packed with lush foliage and cool breeze. Amankila is where the natural ambience seems to perfectly blend with the contemporary architecture. It offers villas for stay that are linked via a walkway each of which has its own terrace for soaking under sun and day-beds for resting during the day time. Above all, this is the family-friendly Bali hotel.

Amankila Bali

One more thing you will be proud to know is that Amankila is eco-friendly in the sense that it utilizes solar energy for generating electricity, supports a local village named Jati Tuhu, and recycles whenever it is possible to do so.


Talking about the number of rooms at Amankila, there are 34 in total all of which are freestanding suites. The rate per person doubles from $800. Among the facilities, you can freely use its library, spa, free WiFi anywhere in the hotel, DVD/CD selection, boutique store, and Balinese art gallery. Within the rooms, you can expect a sound system with iPod dock. If you request, then the staff here also provides TVs and DVD players. Coming to the poolside, this Bali hotel offers three-tier infinity pool along with the vast lap pool that is just aside the Beach Club coconut groves. The former symbolizes the hotel signature that descends from the reception to be at the shore in a form similar to the rice paddy fields. Each of these is dotted with the thatched balé pavilions as well as the loungers.

Amankila Bali

With regards to the children, this Bali hotel always welcomes them. In fact, children under 12 are allowed to stay here and enjoy their Bali holidays for free. For the rest, the cost per night is $100. You have babies? Well, do not worry! Amankila does arrange for babysitting for $10 per hour. However, you need to kindly book for it well in advance.

Note: Amankila is a non-smoking zone throughout to ensure your good health on your Bali holidays.


The most wanted suite here is the panoramically blessed Kilasari Suite. However, there are fewer chances of you to get this one. So, if you do not get this, then go for the Ocean Suites labeled 6, 7, 11, 19, 36 and 37. Why? These are where you can enjoy the most beautiful vistas. Irrespective of which you choose, all of them are house-style cottages that stand freely with thatched roofs as well as terraces adorned with rattan chairs and coconut-shell tables.

Amankila Bali


The Amankila restaurant is atop the uppermost swimming pool. This restaurant makes up for the perfect mix of the local as well as Western cuisine for offering a tasty and healthy meal including a few perfect veggie dishes. You can prefer to dine on the terrace that is just aside the pool or can think of taking up light lunch at the Beach Club. So, what can be the most suitable dress code? Well, it is the feline halter-neck attires along with the crisp linens for the squire. Want to know the top table? Well, ask the staff that you want to dine down on the beach or beside the pool to have that factor of privacy under the shining stars and amidst the sunset-over-the-ocean.

Amankila Bali

The restaurant serves only until 11 pm; however, the room service that functions for all 24 hours can keep you indulged in the tempting Indonesian as well as Western dishes.