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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve bridge

Montverde is a small town in Costa Rica. The place thrives due to its eco tourism. The biodiversity of the place is amazing. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve along with Santa Elena, and Cerro Plano consists o the crux of tourists attractions in this region. On References of the place can be traced to about 00 BC.Many indigenous objects like pots, containers and ceramics have been found in the region belonging to the Clovis Native Americans.

Deforestation and the subsequent rise of the stone kingdom in the region can also be traced. The reserve here is home to atleast 100 mammal species, five species of cats, 400 species of birds, and about 5000 species of moths. In 1972 George Powell joined hands with Wilford Guindon who resided in this place for a long time to promote the nature reserve of the place. The Tropical Science Center took heed and started researching the area. The project kickstarted with 328 hectares and then another 554 was added in 1975. Presently it stands at 10,500 hectares.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve bridge

A walk through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is like walking through the prehistoric ages with huge bromeliads, ferns, vines, and mosses lining your trails. The whole area is a study in contrast. There are badly drained area with swamp lands and marshes. Numerous rapids and streams cuts through the gorges . Dangerous animals like jaguars,have also been spotted here. You can also see Ocelot, Baird´s Tapir, Three-wattled Bellbird, and the Bare necked Umbrella bird here. The best way to explore the Reserve is by sky walking and rappelling. Skywalking is a network of bridges that are constructed high up in the trees and connects from one point to the other.Cable ranging from 195 to 650 attaches to the bridge and lets you fly with speed throughout the rainforest.

On the way to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve you can stop by at the beautiful city of La Fortuna. Visit Arenal volcano and the Lake Arenal on your way. If you are traveling through the South west side, you will pass Sardinal and San Ramon in between. Inside the reserve there are as many as eight trails including those of horseriding, butterfly gazing, bat forest, hummingbird show at the gallery, insect museums and much more.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Bufo periglenes

Around Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

The Coffee Tour in the area is quite famous. It explains to you the evolution the area from a rugged land to a cultivated lot, and about the people who resides here. You are taken through coffee plantations and other cultivations like coffee, banana, plantain, orange & lime crop. You can also buy the best quality of Coffee from here. Check out the Butterfly Garden in Cerro Plano. Some of the most beautiful butterfly species can be found here along with a host of medicinal and endemic plants. The biodiversity of the place is truly amazing. The Monteverde bat jungle is a must see. It has more than just being associated with Dracula movies. Everything you needed to know about this species can be found here. Baby bats, old bats, hairy bats, to vampire bats, all can be seen here. Horse riding is not permitted inside the Reserve but you can always mount these beautiful creature and explore the surrounding area of sugarcane plantation, coffee fields, mountains, and canyons. There is also a Hidden Valley Trail where biodiversity can be seen at its best.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Lodge

If you are thinking of putting up in Monteverde, then the Lodge by the same name of the place, is an ideal destination. It is located just at the edge of the reserve with a full view of the Tilarn Mountain. The Trapp Family Lodge is another option. Only 20 rooms are available so you have to book beforehand. It takes you around fifteen minutes from here to the reserve.