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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Montverde is a small town in Costa Rica. The place thrives due to its eco tourism. The biodiversity of the place is amazing. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve along with Santa Elena, and Cerro Plano consists o the crux of tourists attractions in this region. On References of the place can be ...Read More

Costa Rica budget travel

In an area less than the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica packs in 850 species of birds, 1,000 types of butterflies and 13,000 different kinds of flora and fauna. Lush rain forests and tropical coast lines make for their diverse home and in the spring of 2003 I decided to make ...Read More

Cocos Island

If you are searching for true wilderness and marine fun then Cocos Island is a good bet.This virgin stretch of land is located on Costa Rica in the province of Puntarenas. To protect its ecology and varied biodiversity it has been included in the National Park. This rectangular shaped Island is surrounded ...Read More