Georgia – A Mix of The Modern and Old

Georgia is a nation that is blessed with a huge number of attractions for travelers. Right from the towering Caucasus Mountains to the coast kissing the Black Sea. The country has a huge number of sights and locales that have fascinated travelers over the years. the country has had many deterrents to building up much of the tourism sector such as the recent ethnic unrest with Russia. However, the country is back on track, and is eagerly anticipating tourists. There are a huge number of excellent destinations that make for a hugely rewarding time.

Georgia Dmanisi

Georgia has a good number of points of interest with respect to architectural beauty. There are some heavenly coastal villages that are filled with beauty. There are some excellent landscapes that make for a heavenly time for all concerned. The sheer number of attractions is what is responsible for making Georgia an excellent off beat adventure.

Tbilisi is the capital as well as the biggest city in Georgia. It is a delightful mixture of the modern as well as the traditional. The modern architecture such as skyscrapers and contemporary buildings stand side by side next to the pockets of Eurasian heritage. There are many factors that make it an exceedingly vibrant destination. The Georgian churches are extremely charming destinations, with a huge number of things to do and see. The museums here have a great number of attractions for tourists. The nightlife here is also perfect.



There are a number of Georgian destinations that are located some distance away from the capital as well. There are the Caucasus Mountains for instance. There are a huge number of sights on offer here. These mountains have a great deal of activities for travelers. The Tsiminda Sameba church is a famous destination here. There are a good number of sights at Tsminda Sameba Church as well. It takes about three days to visit Svaneti, which is home to 175 stone towers even now.

Georgia has the ideal climate for viniculture, and many are of the opinion that wine was actually invented here. There are excellent day trips available to the wineries, with tastings.