Casino de Buenos Aires

Casino de Buenos Aires or the Estrella de la Fortuna, a three decked casino, opened in Oct 99. The mood reflects the old riverboats that played on the River Mississippi in the ancient times. This is a popular location with tourists and locals alike. It is located in the historic region of Puerto Madero barrio. The casino has a host of attractions.

Pros . . .

No entrance fee
Open 24 hours
Located in the historically significant Puerto Madero barrio

Cons . . .

The casino has no accommodation options connected with itself, which is a disadvantage, but there are options located close by.

Background . . .

The Estrella de la Fortuna is situated just 5 minutes from the town centre at the fast track area of Puerto Madero.
The Casino has over 99 gaming tables – Craps, Punto y Banca, Black Jack, Poker and Roulette.
The Casino has close to six hundred slot machines.
Sobre Aguas restaurant is a good option if you want to have breakfast or dinner.
There are several accessibility features for the physically challenged.
Parking Space.
Valet parking available.

Review – Casino de Buenos Aires

The historic floating casino or the Estrella de la Fortuna is a journey back in time and is located in the historic port district of Buenos Aires. The gaming choices are ample.