South America

Chile – Groove to the Land of Wines


As the Antarctic freezes and the entire place is chilly and as the dry desert blazes hot in the heat of the sun, the sole place of beautiful vineyards is a pleasurable sight ain’t it? And Chile lying just in the centre of the region between the desert and the Antarctic is the ideal place to go in case you need to taste some of the best wines. The wine industry has grown in Chile since the 1980’s and the production of grape and the related wine production has also shot up very effortlessly. Home to some of the best wines in this part of the world of South America, Chile today has a lot of wine tours too and tourists love to travel to Chile and try the very popular Chilean wines. The wine valleys like Maipo, Casablanca, Colchagua, Maule are famous wine spots and it is a great experience to experience this exotic feeling called Chile in South America.


There are around 100 wineries in Chile and there is a lot of information about how to access these regions. The history of winemaking and related information is always a tourist’s requirement just to be part of the lovely place called Chile.

There is a history behind Chilean wine. When you ask a capitalist he would say that life is nothing but a struggle. A communist would say that life is all about working in a group. Ask the Chileans and they would say that life is nothing of this sort. They feel that life is just plainly beautiful. When you go to Chile and see the vineyards you would only say that this is the best place for wines and indeed Chile is the place for making wines.

The way Chile is located geographically also goes to show a lot of reason why wine is produced here. The 2700 length area that Chile occupies is beautified by the gigantic Andes on its east. The place is literally like a cradle between the Pacific Ocean, Antarctic and the Andes. This is the ideal condition for wine plants to grow hence we find lot of wine growing in Chile region.

All the grape predators could be driven away due to the environment here.. With the labor also cheaply available Chilean wine is a hit with all wine lovers.

But the story of the Chilean wine says that Cortez first planed the wine way back in the 16th century and due to poor climatic conditions and taxes, the wine makers had to keep their manufacture at a low cost. But after the 1980’s Chile came into the category of making world class wines. Today the vineyards at Chile have latest facilities and modern technological methods of creating the best wine.

Then came the trend of putting them in the American and French barrels, which gave a permanent t boost to the wine trade. Besides the presence of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape ensured that the quality of wine at Chile never depleted.

So if you are in Chile experience the pleasure of wine.