Three Fine Places in Singapore


Singapore is one of the finest maintained places in Asia, and people must be familiar with the strict fines that Singaporean Government imposes for breaking any rules. Singapore maintains strict law and order and corruption is almost nonexistent in this beautifully maintained nation. Also, interesting is the fact that you would find cultural influences of Malay, China, Western and also India throughout. Singapore is Southeast Asian delight with traffic jams and crime records strictly controlled over time hence traveling around Singapore is deemed safe to many travelers who fear the worst when embarking on an unknown journey. The tourism of Singapore is pretty well known worldwide.

Of interest, Singapore also hosts the F1 racing now to the delight of fans everywhere and tourism profits have just shot up the ladder to a great extent. Visiting Singapore during this time would give a clear picture of the dazzling lights surrounding the circuit when F1 cars move around the street track in full force at night.


Going through Singapore’s architectural and cultural heritages and feasting on Singaporean delicacies shouldn’t be missed for it is widely known as an eating bay. To describe Singapore in its entirety is pretty difficult as each step taken is a different one and wandering around the exotic boutiques for plenty of shopping opportunities is surely on the list. Furthermore, for adventure lovers there’s a host of activities right in front of you like mountain biking, diving with the sharks, waterskiing, rock climbing and go-karting. Exploring the rainforests is also an option where monkeys could be spotted and their chatters heard for quite a distance.
Let’s dive into a three good places you could head for, though there’re plenty yet to surf.

Arab Street

An Islamic site such as Arab Street is a conventional center for textiles with fabrics from Indonesia, sarongs, silks, shirts, flower essences, hajj caps, songkok hats, rattan goods and basket wares.

Armenian Church

This is one of the oldest churches since 1836 that’s devoted to Saint Gregory, Illuminator.

Asian Civilizations Museum

A must-visit museum is the restoration to the 1865 building done over 3 levels. Around 10 displays of traditional civilization and PanAsian culture could be visualized as well as Southeast Asia, India, China and Sri Lanka. It’s highly advised to reach here through ACM Highlights Tour that unfortunately closes from December end to January end.