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Atlanta History Centre

The Atlanta History Centre should not be missed when visiting Atlanta. It is the place to visit in order to really learn about and understand the state of Atlanta. It is set in 23 acres of beautiful gardens which are breathtaking and beautiful to stroll through when the weather is fine. ...Read More

Universal Studios, Hollywood

There is so much to see and do at Universal Studios, Hollywood. Tourists will enjoy getting close-up to the world of entertainment. ...Read More

The Skywalk Observatory

The Skywalk Observatory is the best way to start one’s tour of Boston. It is situated on the 50th floor of the 52 storey Prudential Building in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay. ...Read More

Porcupine Mountains – Wilderness adventure and relaxation

The Porcupine Mountains, fondly known as the Porkies, are a cluster of tiny mountains spread out across the north western Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Gogebic and Ontonagon counties. It is bang next to the shore of Lake Superior. ...Read More

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is located above the Virginia Piedmont in the east and the Shenandoah Valley in the west in the US state of Virginia. It’s hard to believe that this spectacular creation is only 100 miles away from the nation’s capital. The park is absolutely gorgeous and you can simply lose ...Read More

Adirondack Mountains – Majestic and wild

The Adirondack Mountains are situated in the northeastern part of New York and are contained within the 6.1 million acres of the Adirondack Park. An eroded dome consisting of many peaks the Adirondacks have 42 peaks over 4000 feet high. To put it simply, the mountain ranges are sheer awe-inspiring beauty. The ...Read More

Cape Cod National Seashore – Massachusetts

Beaches are truly a gift to mankind. People that reside in the coastal areas are lucky enough to have a glimpse of the beautiful scene it portrays time and time again whereas others have to do a lot of planning. Again, getting to a beach wouldn’t be that difficult, but getting to ...Read More

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon is a very important part in the life of newlywed couples. One of the most precious time in everybody’s life every newly wed couple wants to make this event memorable for rest of their lives. Top honeymoon destinations generally include hill stations, islands, cool beaches, nature beauty etc .It’s a tough ...Read More

Isle Royale National Park – Unleash your sense of adventure

Isle Royale National Park is located in the state of Michigan and is probably one the best budget options for travellers to explore. It is completely free of vehicles and roads and ideal for those seeking solitude and inner peace. This 210-sq-mile island in Lake Superior is filled with abundant wildlife like ...Read More

Madeline Island – Wisconsin

Sometimes, life can be so hard on anyone that makes them want to just getaway to an unknown place and come back with a great heart. It surely is a boon for travelers if they finally get to visit a desired destination and make most of their travel. Oftentimes, we end up ...Read More

Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa a beach getaway destination

Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa which overlooks the picturesque California Coastline is a beach destination and ideal destination for quick weekend getaway from the San Francisco and the Los Angeles. Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa is located on the scenic highway 1. Enjoy your weekend, have family get together, couples can go ...Read More

The Breakers hotel for amazing beach vacation at Florida

The Breakers hotel is getaway beach vacation destination in Florida for family as well as couples who love the sea side activities and water sports. Superb destination for relaxing under sun’s gaze, with plam trees swaying at the shore of beach. The Breakers hotel has spa where you can relieve yourself. It ...Read More

The Jewish Museum of Maryland, Baltimore

For visitors of Baltimore with an interest in Jewish History, the Jewish Museum of Maryland is definitely worth a visit.  ...Read More

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo is an absolutely fabulous zoo which visitors will enjoy when visiting Chicago. The zoo will gives one a nice break from all the buildings in downtown Chicago. ...Read More

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf is the place to visit when you are in San Francisco. There are always things going on at the Wharf whatever time of year you happen to be there. The events range from events celebrating special dates from the past, musical concerts and festivals and children’s activities. ...Read More

Travel to Las Vegas

Las Vegas as we all know is extremely famous touring spot in the world.Many celebrities and VIP’s prefer to go there for long holidays.It is the place which has highest number of foreign visitors.It is a warm place which is located in the desert.Lovely place to see the nature,one of the best ...Read More

Westin hotels resorts go smoke free

The American Lung Association has honored Westin Hotels & Resorts for going smoke-free. ...Read More