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Seattle ghost tour

If you’re visiting Seattle and you’re looking for a tour of a different sort, consider taking one of Seattle’s Ghost Tours. These tours immerse visitors with some of the darker bits of the city’s history and bring to life the struggle and turmoil that many past residents have gone through to make the city what it is today.

Each tour focuses on a different section of the city, and presents a unique view into the lives of Seattle citizens of the past. Whether learning about the Great Fire of 1889 or the dirty deeds carried out at what used to be a boarding house, you will partake in a story-telling adventure that will leave you wanting to know more.

Capitol Hill Ghost Tour

Venture out on this walking tour of Capitol Hill with one of the members of the Seattle Museum of the Mysteries and learn about the roll that Prohibition played in Seattle’s early history. Bring some comfy shoes and an open mind for this hour and a half stroll and you won’t leave disappointed.

Cost: $5 for adults, $3 for kids age 6-16
Tour begins at: The Seattle Museum of the Mysteries every Saturday at 5pm.
Call for reservations: (206)328-6499

Haunted Happenings

Want to know the secrets of Seattle’s darker past, but don’t feel up for a walk? Then take this van-tour of some of Seattle’s most notorious haunted locations. This three hour tour will show you the hotspots while your tour guide recounts stories of days gone by that will leave all of your senses tingling.

Cost: $25 for 12 and up. No children under 12 allowed, due to adult subject matter.
Tour begins at: The south end of Lake Union for residents, complimentary pick up at Seattle hotels available for visitors.
Call for reservations: (206)365-3739

Market Ghost Tour

Offered every weekend of the year, the Market Ghost Tour is a one hour walking tour that was originally started by the Mayor of Pike Place Market, Michael Yeager and Market Magic Shop owner, Sheila Lyon. Because this is such a popular and established tour, there are several different guides with their own style and flair so don’t be afraid to take the tour more than once. This tour concentrates on the history of Pike Place Market and the urban renewal that took place after the Great Fire of 1889.

Cost: $15 per person November thru September, $20 per person in October.
Tour begins at: The Gum Wall at Pike Place Market, hourly beginning at 5pm.
Call for reservations: (206)322-1218

Whether you take one of the tours mentioned above, or go on all three, you will be in for a terrific evening of spooky history that will engage your imagination and pique your curiosities. Regardless of whether or not you believe in ghosts, they will help make your trip to Seattle one that you will long remember.

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