Bremen, Germany – Sights

Bremen traditional architecture

Bremen is a German city filled with culture and history. The city has a great number of attractions that make for a rewarding destination for travelers. The city captivates you with its beauty of the past. It is a port city and is situated on the banks of the Weser River in the North West portion of Germany.

There are a great number of attractions well worth visiting. It is situated within the Bremen Oldenburg Metropolitan area. You will see modern buildings standing side by side to the old world beauty.

Bremen traditional architecture

The moment you step into the town of Bremen, you will begin appreciating the beauty of the town. There are a number of parklands, fountains and gardens. The architecture here is marvelous and speaks of the past age. Make sure you take some time out and explore the city in a detailed manner. There are a huge number of unique attractions everywhere.

Among the most interesting locations in Bremen is the Cathedral of St Peter or the Dom St Petri. The cathedral dates back more than 1200 yeas old. The beautiful cathedral has its façade towering over the central square. In the interior of the cathedral, you can see fine detailed and impressive paintings. The southern tower of the cathedral has a magnificent view of the city of Bremen.

Bremen Town Square