Your Next Vacation – Bonaire Diving Resorts

If you like scuba diving, the Caribbean is a place you should visit. Bonaire is a beautiful island in the Southern Caribbean, just 50 miles north of Venezuela. It is just 24 miles long and 3 to 7 miles wide. It is outside the hurricane belt and while the currency is the US dollar, Bonaire belongs to the Netherlands.

You will find many Bonaire diving resorts here and it truly is a paradise for those who love being underwater. The water temperature is almost always warm and there are 53 shore dive sites that you can easily access! Of course you will see may different species of fishes. 2013 over four hundred species have been recorded so far!

Of course there are many different dive operators to choose from and dive sites are all along the western coast with a couple on Lac Bay on the south east shore where only experienced divers should visit. You can easily find the dive sites as most of them are marked by yellow stones on the roadside. The yellow stones have the name of the site written on them. If you want to dive, you will need to buy a nature tag for $25 for divers and $10 for other users. This money goes to the preservation of the local marine park.

Bonaire diving resorts also offer snorkeling. This way you can get a great view of the coral reef and see lots of fish, coral and other inhabitants of the coral. Sometimes you will be able to see rays, turtles or maybe a seahorse. The island has 17 official spots for snorkeling as well as snorkel operators who can show you the best places to go.

If underwater photography is your hobby, you couldn’t do better than Bonaire. Here professional underwater photographers are just as at home as beginners. The sea life here is colorful and very abundant and you can see all sorts of beautiful marine life.

Here you will find Bonaire diving resorts for people with on a small budget. The Caribbean Club Bonaire is from $53 per night and is close to some of the very best diving and snorkeling locations in the north but it only takes ten minutes to get to downtown Kralendijk.

There are also many resorts in Kralendijk itself but they are usually more expensive. The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Casino and the Budy Dive are rated four stars by trip adviser.

If diving is your thing, Bonaire is the place to be!