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Yosemite National Park

If you are in America and tired of the hustle and bustle of New York, or gambling in Las Vegas, try out Yosemite National Park. It will not only rejuvenate you but you will be wanting for more when its time to leave this spectacular place. It is in a sentence, that is if a place as beautiful as Yosemite could be described in a sentence, is a treasure trove of hanging valleys, waterfalls, cirque lakes,moraines, u shaped valleys. Moreover you can see here an amazing landscape of granite that have been fashioned by glaciations. The diverse flora and fauna of the place is equally amazing as the natural wonders. The Yosemite valley with its 914 meter deep cleft carved due to glaciation is a must see. This procedure has been taking place for millions of years. The giant sequoia groves, the granite clefts, and the scenic beauty all create a spectacular effect on the minds of the travelers.

The first to enter these ancient valleys of the Yosemite National Park were a group of Indians. The state granted them entry into this place in order to pacify them. It left them awed at the beauty of the place. It is the most famous and popular glacial carved landscape in the world. Sometimes its popularity seems to be bad as commercialization is the last thing on this virgin land. This place is a god sent for hikers and climbers who are not only awed by its beauty but also breathless at the tough challenge that the mountains offers. Interestingly 95 % of the area is considered wilderness.
Hiking the High Country

Backpack the High Country

Tuolumne Meadows is a favorite with the hikers. It is at 8600 feet and provides you an ideal escape from the swarming crowds below. It has many trails out of which the Cloud’s Rest is a must try. You start your journey at Tenaya Lake and end it at the huge . granite precipice. When you stand at the top it feels like nothingness. Half-Dome and El Capitan are its most famous rock domes. You could also try and trek to Soda Springs, Parson’s Lodge, Dog Lake and Lembert Dome. For those who are looking for something less strenuous the Elizabeth Lake trail is ideal.

The Tree Trails

The vegetation of Yosemite National Park is another of its interesting features. Check out the Yosemite’s Grizzly Giant which is a 30 feet mammoth tree and as old as 2700 years. This tree can be found in the Marposa Grove of the giant sequoias, in the Southern border of the park. You can also try out the Merced and the Tuolemne Grove trails- each beautiful in their own way.

Waterfalls off course the Yosemite falls. Spring brings out the best in these waterfalls.You have to take a quick walk uphill from the Yosemite valley if you want to see the Bridal Fall. The Yosemite Fall trail is also relatively easy. If you are in for some challenge try out the Vernal Fall trail which is a steep hike. At the top you can either stop and enjoy the beauty or take on the John Muir Trail or the Mist Trail.

The El Cap Climb

It is the largest exposed granite in the park and the world. For rock climbers nothing could be better. There are some 80 odd routes to the top.


Yosemite National Park is one of the most important skiing destination in America. Crane Pass is the places to be in if you are an avid skier. Tuolomne Grove, Meadow Loop, are perfect for starters with its gentle roller coaster ride. Winter here is harsh and biting. So be prepared for the worst bites and dress accordingly.

If you want to drive inside the Park you might as well. However some of the area are not accessible by car in the Winters and the snow covers everything. The Mariposa Grove road is closed to cars in winters. You can also go through the beautiful region of the Wawona Hotel. It is accessible by car year around.