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Travel destinations for the summer


As the economy is reviving steadily, the days of low cost airfares and hotel fares will soon end. Airfares rose 22 per cent over last year, same story with hotels throughout the world. The travel industry is also getting back up, and while this is a good thing, this will no more mean cheap prices. However, there are still a number of travel destinations that are cheap, and this summer, you can explore these locations at a comparatively cheaper rate, with no sacrifice to enjoyment or quality. There are a number of excellent options for travelers. Travel destinations all over the world are being visited in increasing numbers, and altogether, this is a happy time.

1. Las Vegas –

A tried and true classic, Las Vegas is definitely among the best travel destinations that are known for being affordable for budget travelers. The city knows how to have a good time, and have a whole range of things for all budgets. The most posh accommodations at Vegas may not be affordable on a budget, but certainly the less expensive hotels on the strip are excellent options.

Las Vegas

2. The Dominican Republic –

The Dominican Republic is like a doorstep attraction for North Americas, its just a short distance by plane, and is a definite travel destination that is rising in popularity because of the heavenly beaches, natural attractions and good resorts. Dominican Republic is comparatively cheaper that other Caribbean locations as well.


3. Orlando in Florida –

If you are a family with kids, certainly Orlando is a great travel destination, as there are whole numbers of excellent locations here that kids will enjoy. The amusement parks apart, there are a number of beaches and museums as well. The nightlife is also remarkable in Orlando.


4. Cruises –

Cruises are getting cheaper through the years, there are a number of deals set up by major cruise lines for travelers. There are deals that let you take a cruise vacation for as low as a hundred dollars per day. Cruises are all inclusive, all your dining, entertainment, lodging, fitness and facilities are taken care of, plus some of the most exquisite and exclusive destinations in the world are visited by cruise ships.

Cruises from Galveston