Top 7 Ruin Pubs in Budapest For A Clubber

Gozsdu Budapest

The great spas and pubs are some of the great reasons why you should visit Budapest and enjoy its nightlife. One of the outstanding places that you will notice in Budapest is the ruin pubs which are all over. Perhaps this is the only place across the globe where you will see well-lit and decorated abandoned houses, warehouses, parking lots, and historic buildings turned into a pub. These pubs are one of the greatest places for bar crawl Budapest either in summer or winter.

Gozsdu Budapest

The Hungarians are creative people and they will make these ruins attractive with colorful fairy lights, great furniture, awesome paints, international DJs, very lively crowds, and of course, pretty of drinks. There was nothing like ruin pubs in Budapest until a decade ago. Surprisingly, it has hit and stormed the city hence becoming one of the best breezing zones in this city. But there are better ruin pubs than others of which you should remember to pay a visit in case you are on a bar tour in Budapest. Here are some of them:

Instant & Fogas Haz

This auspicious and spacious night pub lies on Fogsor Javitas which was a dental practice center in the past. You can choose the various rooms you want to stay on the two floors of this complex building. You can decide to be in electronic club LARM, in the garden bar, in Liebling or on the rooftop restaurant. It is all sparkling with fairy lights and statues.


Szimpla Kert

This is perhaps one of the oldest of all these ruin pubs in Budapest. Most of the guys who come here are tourists; international crowd, because of its reputation. Of course, they don’t come here for no apparent reason. There are cinemas, great art installations, and concerts made every week for free. This is a place to go in your bar tour in Budapest.

szimpla kert


In its former factory location, this pub is one of the greatest places for bar crawl Budapest either in summer or winter. If you are a fan of dancing, there is a spacious dancing floor. You can chat and enjoy your drink in this serene place. There is a vegan market once a month and you will definitely enjoy the cookery classes.


Corvin Club

This is the place where your bar crawl Budapest can hit most because of the clubbing and urbanism. The club occupies the 1920s store and its great rooftop gives it the credit of having many people during summer. It is an awesome beer point that you should not miss during your tours.

Corvin Club

Ellato Kert

It is an open courtyard which many people like. There is live music performance, some art shows, lots of beer, and table football among other awesome activities. In your bar tour in Budapest, don’t forget to ask for Pinky.

Ellato Kert

Koleves Vendeglo

To both tourists and locals, Koleves Inn is one of the most relaxed choices in the 7th District. It is located on the ground of the previously Kosher meat plant. You will enjoy Hungarian-Jewish cuisine, some great restaurants, and well-furnished bar for your pub crawl Budapest.

koleves kert


As its name suggests, this is a very quiet place where you can enjoy a whole lot of beverages, drinks, great music, and diverse cultures. There are various vintage objects on its walls. It’s always civilized in the evening.

Csendes Vintage Bar

You now have a choice of seven ruin bars to visit in your next bar tour in Budapest.