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Hawaii: Exploring the islands on a budget

Hawaii on a budget may seem impossible, but with some clever planning and a little help it is within reach of the budget traveler. ...Read More

Connecticut State – Reasons to Visit

Connecticut is a state that is oft overlooked as a travel destination. It is however a destination that has immense potential for a holiday. You can have some of the best attractions in New England, as well as a huge number of activities and things to do. There are a great number ...Read More

DeSoto State Park

DeSoto State Park is among the moist visited attractions by nature lovers in the state of Alabama. The park has an area of about 3 500 acres, and is placed at the peak of the Lookout Mountains in the northeastern portion of the state. ...Read More

The Breakers hotel for amazing beach vacation at Florida

The Breakers hotel is getaway beach vacation destination in Florida for family as well as couples who love the sea side activities and water sports. Superb destination for relaxing under sun’s gaze, with plam trees swaying at the shore of beach. The Breakers hotel has spa where you can relieve yourself. It ...Read More