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Explore These Amazing Wine Regions In Spain

Spain is well-known for it’s champagne, as well as being a world class producer of sherry, reds and whites. In fact, there’s over 5,000 wineries that produce millions upon millions of wine yearly. Wine-making is both an important part of the country’s history and economy. This is why it should come to ...Read More

What to see in Las Palmas

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded on 24th June 1478 and it is the largest city in all the Canary Islands with a population of more than 350,000. The town has a rich history and there is a lot of what to see in Las Palmas. These are some of the ...Read More

Port of Call: Tenerife, Spain

Perhaps you booked your cruise with the intent to visit the Canary Islands, or maybe you just looked at your itinerary and noticed that a stop in Tenerife was on the agenda. Either way, you will be in for a treat when your ship pulls into port at the largest island in ...Read More

Majorca: here comes the sun

Why Choose Majorca? First, Majorca offers beautiful sandy beaches with crystal blue waters and glorious sunshine; it’s no wonder Majorca is often referred to as an island paradise. If you like to lay back and read a book Majorca is definitely the place to unwind and relax. ...Read More