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Attractions in Cozumel

This small island in Mexico is regarded as largest cruise ship site in the world. What draws over lakhs of tourists here is its scuba diving sport for which it was once regarded as the scuba diving Mecca. However, do not think that the island offers only that activity. The list of ...Read More

Maya Ruins – Witness the rule of the Nature Gods

The Maya ruins transform you to an age when great architectural structures formed civilizations amidst the dense vegetation. It shows you the art and perseverance of the people of a bygone era. A classic gateway into the life and times of one of the greatest civilizations on the planet. ...Read More

Sumidero Canyon

A few miles away from the Tuxtla Gutierrez in Mexico lies the magnificent Sumidero Canyon in the Grijalva River. This river drains in the Gulf of Mexico. The Canyon starts from the town of Chiapa de Corzo and flows into the Manuel Moreno Torres- the hydroelectric dam in the region. Geologically the ...Read More