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Gwalior Fort

The Mughal Emperor Babur called the Gwalior Fort, “the pearl in the necklace that is castles in Hind”. The fort was the mightiest as well as the most beautiful among all forts in the Indian subcontinent. The fort was one of the most coveted in the entire region, and almost every ruler ...Read More

Water Pilgrimage – The Haji Ali Dargah at Worli

Situated on the coast of Mumbai alongside Worli is a beautiful monument in the centre of the majestic Arabian Sea. With the best kind of Islamic architectural elegance and the lovely legends and tales that dominate it, the Worli Haji ali Dargah is the most famous pilgrim spot for all Muslims. It ...Read More

Atop the Golden Dreams – Sri Padmanabaswamy Temple

Visit Thiruvananthapuram in the land of Kerala, God’s Own Land in Kerala and go to Padmanabhaswamy temple here. The presiding deity here is Lord Vishnu and the temple is located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. The architecture here is entirely Dravidian and has all the glory of the past culture. The dome ...Read More

Rajahmundry Travel Guide

Rajahmundry is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh located in south west India. It is the fourth in terms of size in the state. The historical and cultural background of Rajahmundry is one of the best reasons to visit the city. The city has a fascinating culture scene, and is known ...Read More

The dreamy land of Konkan

We all dream, and if you don’t dream, there’s no purpose to life. Travel is one such venture where one dreams of unknown places, and the urge to see them up close becomes an obsession that indeed leads to fantasies tripping about what could possibly happen and what not. One such place ...Read More

Kumaon Trekking – India

How about trekking in the Himalayan ranges? Wouldn’t it be an opportunity well sought if given a chance? Well, it indeed would. For nature lovers, photographers, mountaineers and trekkers it’s a never land with endless visual delights along the valleys and mountain ranges. Kumaon treks could be done throughout the year with ...Read More

Rejoicing the festival of Lohri

Regarded as the harvesting fiesta of blessings and thanksgiving, Lohri is celebrated with full zeal and joy in the North-Indian states of Punjab and Chandigarh on 13th January. Marking the end of winter, it is observed a day prior to the festival of kites, Makar Sankranti to commemorate the transition of the ...Read More