North America

Redwood National Park

Located along the coast of Northern California, Redwood National Park has the tallest trees in the earth- the redwoods. It roughly stretches from Orick and Crescent city. It sprawls over a whooping 75,452 acres and 20,000 acres of old growth forests. Actually the part consists of four parts- Jedediah Smith, Del Norte Coast Redwoods, and Prairie Creek Redwood. All of these parks falls under the jurisdiction of California. Yes people definitely visit the park for its mammoth redwood trees but also for its spectacular view of the coastline . Here you have atleast 40 to 50 miles of virgin coastline. The beaches, cliffs, and sea stacks makes it more endearing. If you are lucky enough you might also catch sight of a whale from the cliffs. They thrive in this area.

The history of the park can be traced to 310 BC. It was also inhabited by several Indians. The Yuroks inhabited this place about 1300 near the Klamath River. The Tolowa, Chilula, and other small tribes were sheltered by the huge natural resources of the place.

Wildlife in Redwood National Park

This park shelters a wide variety of rare animals. The diverse ecosystem here with river, prairie, seacoast, and dense forest areas accounts for much of the animal population here. Endangered species like Brown Pelican, Tidewater Goby, can also be found here. The Bald Eagle resides near the Coastal area here. Mammals such as the black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, beaver, river otter, black-tailed deer, elk, and coyote are common here. The coast also shelters a large number of Californian sea lions, and Harbor seals. Dolphins and whales can be seen sometimes. Birds like Double-crested Cormorants, sandpipers and gulls are quite common as well.

Things to do and see in Redwood National Park

The walk to Battery Point Lighthouse makes for an interesting trail. This lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the country. What makes this point more adventurous and eerie is the story of a haunted ghosts. The site is opened from April-September.

Hiking is a must do here if you have the adventurous mindset.. there are a dozens of trails commencing from here takinh you through the redwood forests, marshland, prairie, woodlands. The Hostel to Trees of Mystery and Beyond takes you through the hidden beach and meets the Coastal trail on the way back. You can also follow the Coastal trail and reach the Klamath river. The Tall tree grove trail is just pass the town of Orick. This trail takes you through the tallest trees in the region. At a point it connects to Emerald Ridge trail. If you are thinking of ding some hiking then the Damnation Creek trail is right for you. The land slopes abruptly downward to the edge of the Pacific. The old trees meets the sea here. It looks spectacular and out of the world like some prehistoric region. The Fern Canyon near coast is somewhat similar trail. It takes you through a Jurassic like landscape with species of ferns here and there. If you are an avid avian lover, then you must take the Tolowa Dunes State Park trail. There has been a record of more than 300 species of birds here.

The North Coast Marine mammal center is the place where you can see a wide variety of harbor seals, and critters. It is actually a hospital and therefore not much popular amongst tourists. But if you do go you will be able to see a host of marine population.