Kremlin and the Red Square in the Heart of Moscow

Russia is a great place and a very very huge part of Asian continent. It is very well known for scientific and technological advances.It has a very old culture. Russian people are very warm. Russia’s climate gets very cold in the winters and it is one of the coolest places in the world.The temperature drops below zero degrees.

People wonder Is the north pole located on a continent? Moscow is big and very old city which is the capital of this country it is the head quarters for the communist party. The Kremlin is a set of buildings which are in triangular shape which is located in the middle of Moscow which is related to the legend of Stalin. The south of the Kremlin is the red,the kremlin and red square is a very famous spot for the tourists and the east of the Kremlin is Moscow river and it is surrounded by gardens.

The moscow guide for the city surely involves this place and many other popular historical places in the city. Red square is also called as Krasnaya ploschad in Russian language. It is a beautifully built colorful monument with a golden dome.

Lenin’s tomb is also a good place to visit in this city, It is located near the Kremlin wall. It is the burial place of the lenin and people still gather here in numbers.