Incredible Mongolia


Mongolia is a nomadic land and belonged to the Nomads. Mongolia is surrounded by land and unfortunately for beach mongers not the right place, though falling in love considering its origin and history is unavoidable. Mongolia is sandwiched between China and Russia from South and North respectively while Kazakhstan lies to its West. Mongolia is sparsely populated.

Another name for Mongolia is ‘Land of Blue Skies.’ Yearly, the sun shines for 250 days in Mongolia while winters are terrible and cold with temperatures falling and recorded below 0 degrees too. The country comprises of varying terrains that ranges from deserts to mountains.


History says Mongolia was ruled by the violent Huns, and Chinese started building walls due to Hun invasions that later was called ‘The Great Wall of China.’ Over time, it was ruled by many empires. People unaware of history or not interested must’ve at least heard about Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan features in many rock albums and was quite a prominent name in the history books. He did re-unite all the existing Mongolian tribes and became one of the most prolific rulers to have ruled Mongolia.

Asia’s 6th largest country is Mongolia approximately times 4 of Japan and times 2 of Texas. Mongolia is popular for archery, wrestling and horseracing. To note, Genghis Khan made it compulsory for soldiers to take part in these games in hopes of keeping them fit in the hour of need thereby initiating the origin of Naadam games. Naadam games are a popular national event hosted in Ulaanbaatar and celebrated from July 11-13th.


Mongolian legend talks about a woman winning the wrestling bout guised as a male wrestler. This necessitated in changing the rules of the competition. They made wrestlers mandatorily wear a long sleeve that’s open chested to differentiate gender. Optimal time to visit Mongolia is August-October. Temperatures during this time are warm and pleasant during daytime, but nights are pretty cold. It’s festive time this time around in Mongolia and travelers would have the opportunity to witness plenty of cultural events. If inquisitive about Mongolian culture, then trying mare’s milk would be a good attempt.

When it’s winter, there’re full blown activities like dancing, singing and wresting that would be a pleasurable experience.