Greenland – A unique destination

Greenland is the largest island in the world. The island is located between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Oceans, and was located to the north east of Canada. The island is close to 1 750 mi in length and almost six hundred miles in width, from the north to the south. The island is covered with ice sheet almost eighty five per cent of its area. Greenland is an exceedingly rewarding destination that provides a unique range of things to do and see.


Greenland has a varied list of sights. The spectacular Northern Lights can be marveled from the island. The Ilulissat Ice Fjord is another excellent sight, which has now been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The Midnight Sun, when the sun never sets at all, is another topmost Greenland experience. There are a good number of activities such as hiking, exploring the ice sheet, whale watching as well as dog sledding. It is possible to learn first hand about climate change at the island.

The summer season starts from Jun to Oct, and is one of the best times to visit Greenland, and take a trip to the various fjords in the island. The summer season ensures that the historical sites have more accessibility. The flora is extremely amazing at this area. The Arctic Winter, which starts from Nov to Feb is the best time to see the Northern Lights. You can enjoy a select list of activities as well, as there are a great number of services on offer.


There are a great range of accommodation options in Greenland for all budgets. There are a good number of camp sites, youth hostels, small guest houses, boutique hotels and more. There are a good number of well facilitated hotels that are in the rather pricier category. There are a good number of cheaper options. You can even bring along a tent and set up camp on your own.

Reykjavik, Iceland or Copenhagen, Denmark are the closest cities to Greenland where you can catch a plane here. Narsarsuaq and Kangerlussuaq are the main gateways to the country, and there are three international airports as well. It is also possible to the tale the alternate route that most people find comfortable. Traveling to Greenland by cruise ship and shopping at different towns along the coast every day.


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