Belize All Inclusive Resorts: What to Expect

Matachica Beach Resort

The average cost of a double room in Belize is US$100 per night. And while this is still a lot of money to most people, some are surprised to find rather primitive facilities at this price and even higher. The right combination of this “primitiveness” and basic comfort, is what we call the unique experience of Belize. Find more details on Belize all inclusive resorts here. Some call it “eco-tourism.” Whatever the name, you have to realize that in a developing country, not all regions have all the amenities that you would find back home.

Many lodges are deep in the jungle, and generate their own electricity. Some shut their generators down during the night. It is difficult and costly to operate air conditioners under these circumstances, but a few (very expensive) resorts manage it. This ruggedness is part of what makes Belize such a unique destination. Some hotels in San Pedro and Belize City will have the amenities and appearance of a regular “hotel.” But this is not the norm.

Matachica Beach Resort

Folks traveling in large groups, say eight or more, can greatly reduce the cost of their holiday in a couple of ways. Many resorts offer villas or suites, with two or more bedrooms, a kitchen, and living area. Other facilities are small enough that you can qualify for group rates, and have the place virtually to yourselves! For example, Ek’ Tun (at left), in the Cayo District, has only two cottages. Each is suitable for four to five people. (This beautiful place also provides the ultimate privacy for couples.) Other small guest houses and hotels have five to ten rooms, offering you the same possibilities.

The bottom line is, if you want a totally unique travel experience, with friendly people, beautiful surroundings, and plenty of adventure, Belize is waiting for you. If you’re looking for huge, air conditioned rooms, 24 hour discotheques, hair salons and health clubs, try Cancun, please!