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Top Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon is a very important part in the life of newlywed couples. One of the most precious time in everybody’s life every newly wed couple wants to make this event memorable for rest of their lives. Top honeymoon destinations generally include hill stations, islands, cool beaches, nature beauty etc .It’s a tough task to choose the best honeymoon places. Considered famous by many Tourist Guide and travel agencies, the article has presented some of the best honeymoon locations for the newly weds:

Hawaii has always been in the top list as a popular honeymoon destination. It has beaches, trees, blue water, rain forests, culture, dance, meadows and much more. If planning for a travel destination with water, beaches and trees, then Hawaii is the best way to go.

Italy used to be synonymous with thoughts of love, romance and sex. The beautiful boot shaped country is full of painters, poets and potentates. It has light and dreamy landscapes which are meant for romance.

Famous for its coastal regions, Mexico has been one of the best honeymoon destinations as per the statistics of tourist guide and travel agencies. But due to the current Swine Flu epidemic the attraction of the place had put on hold.

Jamaica is one of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It’s always open for lovers and couples. Wonderful weather, beaches, resorts, food, drinks all are there to attract the newly weds to Jamaica.

Tahiti has many different things to offer to the couples and has ability to make their honeymoon to a magical one. White beaches, turquoise blue waters, many myths, mix of tropical afternoon, party atmosphere and incredible Tahiti sunset scene all are there for tourists.

It is one of the exotic places to name. It has the beauty of warm, tropical climate, experience rich culture, best cuisine, sandy beaches, and wonderful Caribbean cruise at affordable prices.

Bahamas is among the one of the top honeymoon destinations. Combination of perfect weather, beautiful water, beaches, old building and villages, Bahamas is a perfect vacation place for newly weds.

If newly weds prefer secluded, cool and a calm environment to enjoy, Maldives is the perfect love spot for them. One can enjoy his best of every minute with loved one and can spend romantic time with complete privacy.

There are many other honeymoon and travel destinations preferred by travel agencies and tourist guide like Mauritius, Maldives, Aruba, France, Thailand, Singapore etc. known for their natural beauty. Newly weds can plan their trip which suit their tastes, preference and pocket.