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Isle Royale National Park – Unleash your sense of adventure

Isle Royale National Park is located in the state of Michigan and is probably one the best budget options for travellers to explore. It is completely free of vehicles and roads and ideal for those seeking solitude and inner peace. This 210-sq-mile island in Lake Superior is filled with abundant wildlife like moose and packs of wolves.

For those with a sense of adventure and looking for some outdoor activity this is the place to be. The park is filled with 165 miles of hiking trails, all of which offer the most spectacular of vies and lush greenery. The trails itself connect several campgrounds along the inland and Superior lakes.

Now in terms of accommodation, there are only two options. A pricey hotel name d the Rock Harbor Lodge, which costs about USD 209 – USD 239 per night. The other more economical and affordable option is to carry along your tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, food and water and rough it out in the wild and pick one among the 36 campsites available. I assure the experience itself is priceless.

You only have to pay USD 4 for each day that you are staying in the Isle Royale National Park. It’s actually that cheap. It’s pretty easy getting to commute to and from the island. Through the summer months, The Isle Royale National Park is easily accessible by ferry and by floatplane during the summer months. Another option is the Ranger III, a 165-foot ship, with the capacity of carrying 125 passengers. From June to mid September, the ship embarks on a six-hour voyage from the park and overnights at the island. It makes two round trips per week. If you wish to bring a kayak or canoe on the ferry, it costs an additional USD 20 over your ferry cost of USD 56 for an adult.

Please note that the Isle Royale National Park is not operational and completely shut during the winter on account of the harsh and extreme conditions.