Sihanoukville in Cambodia


Traveling can sometimes be fun when you head for an unknown destination, and to your surprise, the destination isn’t known to many, yet a fantastic place. One such destination that comes to mind is Sihanoukville in Cambodia. However, many might have heard about this place and quite frequented by now. The Cambodian beach resorts at Sihanoukville are just good as it gets, and the time spent on the parks and islands would surely be remembered for a long time. There’re a variety of adventure sports to settle into like boating, scuba diving, waterfalls and trippy jungle treks. Cambodia, as we know, economically is pretty down where some people find it really hard to meet their daily needs, and travelers often visiting Cambodia offer generous amounts of donations for the welfare of kids. Sihanoukville surroundings are way too simple and culture pretty evident the moment you step in.


Sihanoukville has long miles of beaches great for partying and has a 5-Star tag to it. The island could be reached by crossing the bridge. The inception of Sihanoukville being less than 3 years now, there’s not much crowd coming in, and if you decide to come over here with a bunch of friends, that might just as well sound very good. The prices at Sihanoukville are comparatively cheaper than other Asian beach resorts. In case you really don’t want to stay in the hotel, houses could also be rented through locals.

Extending your visa prior is advisable as the island looks uninhabited and you might want to stick on for a longer period of time. Hotel rooms have hot water, fridge and also cable TVs, the comforts of which make you feel at home. Food isn’t expensive either, though you might have to settle in for Asian delicacies for the most part, but you also do get Thai, French, Vietnamese, German, Italian foods to name a few. Communicating with locals wouldn’t be much of an issue as they understand English pretty well and can converse too.

To that end, going to an unknown destination that has loads to offer in the way of peace and tranquility and a place as far as Cambodia is, is not a bad idea after all. When the place gets crowded in a few years with many buildings around, sadly it wouldn’t be the same place as it was, and you might miss the raw feel it once offered. When it comes to categorizing Asian beach resorts, Sihanoukville stands close to the best in Asia in terms of quality, management and the best part simplicity of Cambodia.