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Ocracoke Island – North Carolina

Ocracoke Island

We know lying down in the beaches and basking in the sun is fun, especially for people who love to get tanned, but otherwise too, beaches are a source of inspiration for many travelers. People interested in music could put up a tent at night if the beach zone allows and get creative to pen down lyrics, compose or write music. There’re also people that get bored traveling to the same old beaches worldwide, though have plenty of activities, yet no interesting history surrounding them. To that end, beaches that are haunted could be an interesting story that might attract visitors interested or doing researches on ghosts. Beaches with a specific history are sure to attract inquisitive travelers.

Ocracoke Island

Likewise, Ocracoke Island in North Carolina has a certain history to its name as the world’s most notable pirate was caught here. The island is situated at North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Once upon a time during the 1700s era, it was popular for a flourishing trade business with large vessels containing goods docking here from all parts of the world. It was pretty natural of pirates choosing this place with goods arriving here from all over. History tells Edward Teach, pirate, also known as Blackbeard was caught here, but later released after promising to give up this plundering life. Just as many other pirates would have naturally done, Blackbeard failed to keep his promise and returned after a few weeks making the Virginia Governor issue a stricter order for his capture, and he was finally caught in 1718 in Ocracoke.

At the present time, Ocracoke runs through a coastline of 16 miles with pristine beaches appropriate for shell gathering, fishing, lazing about in the afternoons and swimming.

You could get to Ocracoke either by a private plane, boat or a ferry unlike other islands that are interconnected through bridges. You could also take a free ride by a ferry that takes 40 minutes and is available throughout the year from Hatteras.