Off The Beaten Path in Greece


Greece seems like the perfect European paradise; sunshine, culture, ancient history, beaches, panoramas, countryside, and most of all, affordability. I think you’ll find the change of seasons as much as a surprise as I did but the prevalence in the mixture of religion and superstition as exciting as the commonplaceness of completely nude beaches. Greece and its hundreds of inhabited islands are the perfect combination of a breath of fresh air and adventure for the outdoor, off the path traveler.

1). Vlasti Earth Festival, Vlasti

Not a whole lot to do unless you really, really want to experience the laid-back, Greek lifestyle of eating, drinking, and listening to the culture while camping out under and counting the Greek constellations for four days in a festival setting that swelters to over 10,000 people…then just forget it, you won’t like the small town feel of Vlasti and the idea of saving the world eco-friendly style.

2.) Villas Zorbathes, Skaithos Island

A guy named Geof and his wife have built some beautiful, quaint, and clean to rent for around $175.00 a night. He and his wife (both transplanted Europeans) arrange boat trips, which are very popular: yachting, motor boats, boats for diving, or renting sail boats. Not a huge island by any means, but Skaithos’ 7 miles long by 3 miles wide is like those tiny cans of Red Bull.

There are over 60 beaches, most of which resemble the beauty of Lalaria Beach; soft, white sand and turquoise water with pine trees in the background as shaded foliage. Of course, if you are feeling like a true adventurist, go off the bath to Big or Small Banana Beach where you can take it all off! This is a relaxing, naturalist way of how some of the locals and tourists enjoy the breathtaking nature surrounding Skaithos’ beaches.

3.) Monasteries of Meteora

Kalabaka is the most notable city that sits directly below 6 of the remaining 20 monasteries whose construction dates back to the pre-Byzantine Era. Each of the monasteries is like Varlaam monastery and is still inhabited by monks; exception, two of the monasteries are home to nuns. Similarly, each monastery contains frescoes from the mid-15th century and earlier, as well as hundreds of other religious manuscripts and relics.


These sandstone monuments contain museums, some of which have even held onto the original baskets used to hoist up materials and monks. Thankfully, steps were eventually carved into the monasteries, such as the ones at Agia Triada’s (or Holy Trinity) 140 steep stone stairs, which can be seen in the James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only.

Those intrigued by death defying rides and the dead can view Meteora’s cable car or its sacristy, which houses the bones of past residents.

4.) Petaloudes Valley, Island of Rhodes

If you love nature, then you will love visiting this island just after the wet season, (June-August) when thousands of smaller, white and orange striped butterflies (Jersey Tiger Moths), seek out the sweet sap of the Oriental tree.

5.) The Beaches of Santorini

From the white sand beaches of Aspri, to the red, volcanic sand beaches of Kokkini, to the black pebble beach of Kamari, the island of Santorini has the idyllic bright, blue skies back dropped upon the white/blue-domed architecture complete with crosses.

Ammoudi beach

Also made famous by the movie Summer Lovers, Santorini is home to the topless beach where the movie was filmed.

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