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Hawaii: Exploring the islands on a budget

Maui beach

Hawaii on a budget may seem impossible, but with some clever planning and a little help it is within reach of the budget traveler.

Maui beach
Maui beach
  1. Pick you time carefully. Hawaii is a popular winter escape from the frozen north. Travel between April and November to find the best deals. The weather is beautiful year round, with daily temperatures generally in the 70’s during the winter rising to the 80’s during the summer.
  2. Be flexible with your travel dates. Fares under $300 are not difficult to find but they will only be available on dates that suit the Airline so flexibility is essential.
  3. The best fares are often found traveling from California. Fares generally increase as you move west across the USA. Consider traveling by train or car to San Francisco or Los Angeles. If you have the time these are great city’s to explore.
  4. Check out the discount charter airlines like ATA that offer great package deals from the mid west. Make sure you do your research though. Sign up for newsletters and watch out for special offers and discounts. Many airlines offer sales throughout the year that aren’t publicized anywhere but their own sites and newsletters.
  5. Once you have found your Value priced flights start work on finding the best value accommodation. Hawaii has everything from Luxury five star resorts to beach side campsites. With the fantastic climate, camping by the side of the ocean has to be one of the best locations in the world. There are many state and national parks that charge only a nominal fee, or private campgrounds, catering to hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. This can be a great way to experience the natural wonders Hawaii has to offer
  6. Web sites like Hotwire can also be a great resource. If you were hoping for a lot more luxury but trying to keep your trip within a limited budget then this can be a wonderful solution. Select the level of luxury and the general location but give up control of the final hotel choice and you can make substantial savings.
  7. Enjoy the natural beauty that Hawaii has to offer for free. The beaches and the ocean are everybody’s playground, rich and not so rich alike! Take your own snorkel gear, an inflatable raft or sand toys for the kids. Visit the parks, Hike through the rainforest and drive along the scenic roadways. These are all inexpensive ways to enjoy the paradise that is Hawaii.
  8. Instead of eating at the expensive resort restaurants, take a picnic to the beach or enjoy lunch Hawaiian style from one of the many roadside vendors.
Maui landscape
Maui landscape

It may take a little extra planning and research but when you see the beauty of the night sky from Haleakela or the sunset over the ocean you will know that it was worth it!