Mysterious Stonehenge heritage

Stonehenge in England is sited as the World heritage site, located in Salisbury, in splendid Wiltshire countryside in South West. Visitors of Stonehenge are dumbfounded in its structure; this mystified structure of mighty stones has people baffling about what is this place for. Stonehenge impresses each one. Family destination, Stonehenge is midst of so beautiful setting of lush green garden.

Stonehenge is one of the most ancient monuments, made up of huge stones which are tons of weight. Who built this monument and what for is the mystery of this monument. Historians have given many theories regarding who must have built this structure; it could have been Greeks, Druids, Atlanteans or Phoenicians. The reason or the meaning behind the construction of this mammoth sized stones in the respective formation is a mystery of the ancient times. Stonehenge was a temple where people could worship the sun god, or was it a burial site for some important people during those old times; perhaps it’s a form of huge calendar. Or maybe this place could be a healing centre.

Most of all important thing to be considered about this impressive and amazing structure is how could have those men of ancient times manage to make this mammoth size structure. After all how did these ancestors carry those mighty and tons of weight stones from so far away, without having cranes or rather should say with just using of those primitive tools.

Investigations have been conducted from last hundred years, which just revealed that this whole structure has been built in stages from 2800- 1800 BC. It has been concluded or rather seemed to have believed that this place has been built and designed such that it allows for the observations of the astronomical phenomena like summer solstices, winter solstices, eclipses and much more.

Visit this place to gain fascinating insights to famous and mysterious World Heritage Site Stonehenge. Start with an exclusive morning tour with experts to see this ancient archeological wonder.

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There are complimentary audio tours which will tell about mysteries of this place along with surroundings of Stonehenge. Other than taking a picturesque walk in the green picturesque landscape and seeing the monument there are many other sites which are also worth seeing. Old Sarum, Old Wardour Castle, Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Ford Brockhurst and must visit places like Woodhenge and Durrington Walls.

Visiting Stonehenge and seeing the huge stones will leave you perplexed and yet you will admire it. An Awe inspiring creation of our ancestors, Stonehenge is unforgettable family day out. Stonehenge is regarded as one of the best, ancient, man-made wonder of the world.