Ancient wonder of Pompeii

Italy, Pompeii

Pompeii is one the mind blowing places to be seen. Pompeii is ancient city, a wonder because the city was ruined some 1500 years ago. The place was forgotten as it lay underneath the volcanic waste. This hidden city was excavated after so many years which then revealed the lost city. Pompeii is special place, for it showed how people used to live during those days. The amazing ruins of Pompeii is one of the best places to ruins and as the ancient wonder.

Pompeii was one of the Roman Empire city, which is in the Italy. Its believed that Pompeii was one of the most bustling and thriving city of Romans. In 79 AD, on the August 24th , it’s the most ill fated day in the history of the Pompeii as on this day the Mount Vesuvius erupted. Such was the force of the eruption that the peak of the mountain or rather the cap of the mountain through which the magma flows was blown off. Eruption was so cataclysmically huge. Explosion from the eruption of volcano send billowing columns of the volcanic steam, with cinders, ash so high in the sky. This destructive volcano eruption led to raining of heavy debris from sky which felt like shower and thus buried this mind blowing city of the Pompeii. This destructive force covered the city. Such that it lay hidden for so many years till the archaeological excavations began.

Italy, Pompeii

People living in the city, some 20,000 citizens were lucky enough to escape such horrible death as they were able to flee some place safe. But some unfortunate people who valued earthly things more than their lives had to lose their in order to collect their valuables. Believed these people must have died on the spot. This is because of the toxic volcanic fumes. The thriving city which was a metropolis now became necropolis, ruined and devastated.

There is written excerpt from a survivor, a roman scholar who is called as the Pliny the Elder, who witnessed this destruction and disaster. He wrote “The thick black cloud advanced behind us like a flood. We could hear women shrieking, children crying and men shouting. Many people begged for the help of the gods, but even more imagined that there were no gods left and that the last eternal night had fallen on the world.” The words written express so much of pain and how horrible death must have been to those people who died. Moreover those who survived this disaster must have left bloat on their psychology. Destruction of live and property had affected so many people. Some even lost their loved ones. Such is horrid tale of the city of Pompeii.

Visiting Pompeii today, you will be able to see the ruined city. And even get to understand their living from the artifacts that have been found. Also the buildings, which include homes, public baths, temples, shops, theatres have been discovered. Wall murals, and the floor mosaics have been found which depicts the life during those times. City is now being visited by lots of people who love to see their history, ancient city, ruins etc. you will be able to get glimpse of the daily life of Romans.