Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa is for sure one of the most unique historical structures in the world, this is the structure which stirs the imagination of most of the people and even many architects. It has an amazing history and it is one of the best it also one of the most visited sights in Italy.

The construction of these structures began during the 11tn century by Bonanno Pisano, at the time when the tower had almost reached its third storey, the work was stopped as the structure sinking into the ground, and the tower remained in that state for close to a hundred years. The structure was completed by Giovanni di Simone, Tommano Simone who was son of Audrey Pisano, at the middle of 14th century; he crowned the tower with the belfry. Well it takes as many as 294 steps to reach the top of the tower, and the stairs are shaped spirally, to inner side of the tower walls.

This very well known work is of Romanesque style, and as it is already mentioned the structure all the way dates back to 1174. The tower is cylindrical in shape and it is supplied with six open galleries. A decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing separates these galleries from each other, and each presents a series of small arches fitted on the capitals of thin columns. In the base there is a series of big blind arches, which are fitted on the capitals of the slender columns. Blind arcades are situated at the base of the tower, which are decorated in geometrical shapes. In the tower there is a similar design of arcades similar to the base, the tower also houses a bell, along with the reduced proportions. Well every body makes mistakes, it is quite a common understanding, and however, this mistake is over 14,500 tons in weight. The locals are proud of the architect, it was a mistake with marvel and locals adore it. It is quiet unique that such a mistake has been embraced as a symbol of the civic pride. It is among the most famous tourist attractions in Italy and it is a symbol of the historic architecture of the region, tourists can purchase the idol of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in almost any souvenir shops in the city.

This place is situated in Campo dei Miracoli, which is called as field of miracles; even the history of the tower is quiet strange. In the beginning of 1173, it was basically built a as a bell tower of Pisa’s cathedral, it was not until five years later it began to tilt downwards, it was after the completion of the third floor. The reason behind the tilting was that it was built on the thick clay which was not really strong enough to hold the tower, it construction of the tower was stopped for almost a hundred years. They left the soil to stabilize the tower or Pisa. Later the tower was ignored to because of various wars with the neighboring states of Genoa, which became involved in.

However over a hundred years later a bent history of tower of Pisa, took another step as an architect Giovanni di Simone finished four more floors. Eventually even the tower was constructed at an angle too; it was a misguided attempt even for the second sector in order to compensate for the original lean. Finally in the late 14th century, a chamber for the bell was attached, which was to the top of the tower and the tower was left along for several centuries, until the 19th century, giving it’s the shape of the memory of historic Italian architecture blunder and a wonder.

In the year 1838, a well known Italian architect Alessandro Della Gherardesca, decided that it was a good idea to make a walkway, around the tower, in order to display the visitors its wonderfully crafted base. Well, explainable, this idea made the tilt even worse. Later the famous Italian dictator Benito Mussoline, gave his try to straighten the tower. He ordered his architected to fill the concrete at the base, however even that idea did not work as the concrete it self sunk into the wet clay and the tower continued to tilt even further towards the ground.

However during the Second World War, American army destroyed all the tall towers in the city, in order to protect themselves from the enemy snipers. However, retreat during the last minute spared the tower from the complete destruction. Later in the years the combination of counterweights, which excavated the soil and slings have finally brought the building to a stable position, the building was again open to for public viewing in the year 2001. Climbing to the top of the Leaning tower of Pisa is among the well known activities in the country, and it has developed to be one of the famous attractions in Europe. From the top of the tower, you can experience a beautiful view of the city. There are many shops selling souvenirs of the ceramic tower in one of the many towers.