Canals and Gondolas of Venice

Venice is rated as one of the most romantic cities of the world. The beauty lies in laid back backdrop. The city of Venice is built on canals and rowing in those canals is Gondolas. The idyllist place for honeymoon and for dream wedding, Venice offers the perfect ambience for spending love filled moments together. Venice is visited by Europeans as well as Americans mostly but people from Asia too are now seen coming such is the charm of this charming city Venice.

One thing that most couple do there is take a Gondola in the moonlight, gliding slowly, though the narrow canals, in the night with your loved one snuggling in your arms, with a musical accompaniment. This is the most romantic experience that people can get at none other city then Venice.

Canals of Venice date back to the fifth century, the regional inhabitants had built the nascent Venice on the swampy and scantily settled lagoon, they wanted to escape from the barbaric barbarians. Venice is known to have no roads. Canals of Venice are used for the transportation purpose as well. Roads for land vehicles and passengers are non-existent here. Choose to walk on foot in the picturesque city of Venice or use the Canals of Venice, applies to both the citizens or locals and the tourists alike.

Walking in Venice is also one of the fastest methods of reaching the destination. It’s refreshing, exercising. Locals there like to walk, chief and the fastest means as there are four hundred pedestrian bridges which have been build such as it links the Venice’s many small islands. Other then the main transport service is of using the Vaporetto which is the water bus, used when people need to travel far distance. Also available are water taxi which are swift but these are expensive.

Venetians don’t use much of Gondolas now, as these are man powered, but still you can see them rowing in canals as it’s a tourist attraction and used by tourists for their sightseeing and romantic dates.

The Grand Canal of Venice is broad, and the main water thoroughfare. Its two mile or three kilometre. The Grand Canal is lined up with lavish, centuries old, luxurious palazzos, having Renaissance style of facades with ornate exteriors. The Rialto bridge is spanned across.

Canals of Venice is one of the wonders of the world, for the city of romance, this is one of the amazing place to visit.