Yokohama Tourist attractions


Yokohama is a city that lies in the Tokyo Bay is one of the most underrated destinations in Japan. It is not filled with culturally rich attractions and exciting sights, but there certainly is enough to see, do and admire. There are a great number of Yokohama tourist attractions that make for an exceedingly rewarding destination.

There are a number of unique and varied attractions on offer. In case you happen to be in Tokyo city area for a day and want a change of scene from temples and shrines, look no further than Yokohama. The city has enough to keep you fascinated.


Yokohama functions as the headquarters of the prefecture of Kanagawa. It is located a bit to the south of Tokyo city, on the mainland of the Honshu Island. Yokohama is one of the major centers for commerce in the Greater Tokyo Area.

The town started out at first as a mere fishing village and got famous when it became the gateway to foreign trade in Japan via its port. The city developed with a rapidness contributed to by the port. Yokohama is an ethnically rich city, with a huge number of foreign nationals. The climate of the city is humid and subtropical, with humid and hot summers and mild winters.

Yokohama has a number of tourist attractions. The major Yokohama tourist attractions make for a great destination. There are attractions such as the Yokohama Marine Tower, which stands at 106 meters as the highest inland light house on the planet.


There are other Yokohama tourist attractions such as the famous Chinatown, which is the largest Chinatown in entire Japan. The food here is very different compared to the one in New York or else where.

If you are fond of ramen noodles, make sure to stop at the Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum. The Yokohama Doll Museum and the Silk Center are other must see attractions. There is also the Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature, with a heavenly rose garden.

Yokohama has Cosmo Clock 21, which is a giant ferry wheel that is also the biggest clock in the world in its harbor. This is one of the most photogenic locations in the city. In addition, make sure you visit the Yokohama Arena, which has a capacity for close to seventeen thousand people. This is located close to the Shikansen Station. There are a number of other sights besides these.