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Top attractions in Detroit

Detroit downtown

Detroit is such a big city. I have listed a few must visit attractions to help you during your stay. While in Detroit you may choose one place to park and then you can take Detroit’s people mover to get you around the city. The people mover circles around Detroit one way and stops at many places. This way you wont get lost driving from place to place. Even for us locals its very easy to do. At least for me it is.

Detroit downtown

Greek Town Casino Is a great place to stop. Located in the heart of Greek Town. Maybe Gambling is not your thing, that’s okay. There is much more to do in the casino then just gamble. Parking here is quite easy. They offer a Free Valet service. When you are finished simply hand them your ticket and they will go get you car. Most valet places seem to take forever to get your car, but they do not. They are very fast and pleasant about it. You can also park in the casino’s parking garage. This is also free. Make sure to take your parking ticket to the casino with you so they can stamp it for you. Parking is also located throughout Detroit for different fee’s. The casino has over 2 thousand slot machines. Starting at nickle slots and going up. Over 80 tables for different kinds of poker. There are two restaurants located inside the casino. I found this to be very nice. The food was good and the service was outstanding. Maybe a Nightclub is your thing. This casino has one of them inside also. Drink specials and a DJ make this the place to see. With all this to do you would not have to go anywhere else. More information can be found at

Motown Historical Museum is another great place to see. Located on West Grand Blvd., in Detroit, Michigan. This one is good for the whole family. Walk around yourself, or take one of the many tours that are offered. Motown is said to be one of Detroit’s most popular attractions. Motown is meant to teach you about the legacy of Motown Record Corporation. General admission for Adults is $8.00 per person. Children 12 and under only $5.00. During your visit here you will see many historical photos. Some look very old and well preserved. It’s nice looking at photos that are old. The Artwork there is gorgeous. My favorite thing there is the apartment that has been restored to its original look. This apartment was once the home to Berry Gordy, Jr. The furniture that is placed in the apartment is all original also. This Detroit museum is a must see to believe. All the artwork and photos all seem to tell a different story. There is even a story about how Berry Gordy Jr received his first record deal. There is so much to read and learn you are sure to fill up a whole afternoon. Great place to see. More information and directions can be found at their web site

Joe Louis Arena also known as Hockey town, The Joe and JLA is a hockey arena located at 600 Civic Center Drive in Detroit, Michigan. Although is says its a hockey arena they have many more events here. Hockey games, Concerts and WWE can also be seen here. Its named after the boxer Joe Lewis who grew up in Detroit. The location is nice, it sits right next to the Detroit River. With a seating capacity of 20,058 your sure to have some fun. While there at a hockey game the excitement is at a max. They involve the audience in so much and make you feel like you are a part of the team. The food selection here is awsome. They have so many different food stands here. The prices for food are fairy priced. The drinks now are a little pricey in my opinion. They sell Shirts, hats and all kinds of things to help you remember your night here. Bathrooms are scattered throughout the place to. The staff was very friendly and helped me with no problem when I got lost. If your seats are a little high up you can take the elevator instead of the stairs. The building outside looks like it could use some improvements, but don’t let this fool you. The inside is updated and very clean. They don’t have a web site but if you go here you can find out more information if needed. Give them a call instead and ask questions. There number is (313) 965-3099.