Saqqara and Luxor – Egypt

Luxor Temple

Egypt, as we know, holds many secrets as to how civilizations evolved over time while their methods and practices are strictly being studied in great detail even now. Egypt’s evolution in and of itself is very interesting and history books really paved the way to relive the reign of the supreme Pharaohs, their superstitions and doctrines. Even now, Egypt is visited by tourists all around the world annually reliving sites of impeccable history and structures that speak of great architectural methods employed.

Traveling to Egypt would really open your eyes to the amount of creativity these people had that’s pretty hard to imagine. There’re also rumors connecting Egyptian civilization to aliens due to the enormity of a number of delicate architectural and civil projects undertaken that possibly would have been a difficult task with no help whatsoever. Well, one thing was for sure, Egyptians were not new to science and medicine those days, and it makes sense when theories portray their strengths saying they had the necessary equipment and manpower to build such architectural delights. With a mighty workforce that history says they usually got when it came to building skyscrapers such as pyramids and other structures, it’s hard to digest the fact, yet by all means very possible.

Luxor Temple

We now visit two Egyptian places namely Saqqara and Luxor.


Saqqara is situated 30 km from Cairo. Saqqara is an exotic funeral ground known to be cemetery of an old Egyptian capital called Memphis. You would surely sink into the construction process involved while taking a stroll around the pyramids, as the structures are simply magnificent and true engineering marvels. You can also have a look at many mastabas. For the adventure seekers, there’s more opportunity for you to go through Zoser funeral complex, Serapeum and Mereruka’s tomb.


Located 500 km from Cairo, was once the lost Thebes City known for the biggest outdoor museum in the world. Modernization of the city along the East Bank could be felt as you gaze through Karnark temples and Luxor’s ruins that are quite splendid and fascinating religious sites. West Bank lies adjacent to river Nile offering sites of funerary temples and tombs that belonged to Egypt’s prestigious rulers to include Valley of Kings and Queens respectively. At the present time, the site is flocked by farmers of the 21st century.