South America

Santiago, Chile – Sights and Attractions


“Who in their right mind would visit Santiago? Such a loud city, with so much pollution and grime.” Well, I don’t blame the disappointed travelers to the city who have had a bad time here.

However, the truth of the matter is that, if you dig only a bit deeper to uncover some really charming aspects of the city. All of these are unique to the Chilean capital, and the fact that there are so few clear days here is not something that detracts from the appeal of the city.


Although the view of the Andes Mountain Ranges will most often be obscured by mist, but their beauty can be enjoyed up close, as these are at an easily accessible distance from the city. There are a good number of possibilities for activities, and these include, skiing, climbing, kayaking, horse riding, biking, hiking and a whole lot more.

The numerous wine regions in the area are yet another must visit. There are a number of wineries, which offer tastes and tours. There are guided wine tours available, but you can always tour these on your own. The bike and wine tour is another fun possibility.


Santiago has a unique geography, and is placed in the heart of the Santiago Basin. The Andes is situated on one side, and the Chilean Coastal Range on the other. To its north are the Chacabuco mountain range, and the Angostura de Paine on the south. The natural beauty of the region can be enjoyed perfectly.

Santiago is also not without a selection of the best in terms of cultural attractions. There are a number of fun activities, right from enjoying art in the various art galleries, listening to jazz, watching football, checking out the sculpture garden and more.