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Quebec – Festivals Galore

Quebec City castle

Quebec is one province that celebrates a great number of festivals in a year. It celebrates its events with gusto. There are more than 400 festivals that are organized in the province for a host of reasons. There are a huge number of festivals with a range of varying themes. The ways of celebrating the festivals are different as well and these draw in travelers from all over the world. There are a huge number of various festivals and events that are celebrated for various reasons. The festivals will appeal to almost anybody that has an interest or a hobby.

Quebec City castle

Quebec Winter Carnival . . .

Quebec Winter Carnival is the largest carnival festivities held in the winter season and is organized in the city of Quebec. The city bursts into color at this time and there are a huge number of attractions and huge number of activities. The festival is hosted from Jan end to mid – Feb.

Just for Laughs Festival . . .

Just for Laughs festival is the biggest comedy festival in the world. The festival had some of the biggest comedians in the whole earth. Many comedians started their careers from here. This is organized in the month of July.

Montreal International Jazz Fest . . .

Montreal International Jazz Fest is simply among the premier Jazz festivals in the world. The festival is incredibly popular with jazz enthusiasts from all over the world. The festival has some of the greatest jazz artists playing inclusive of Harry Connick Jr, Tony Bennet, Norah Jones and Stevie Wonder. The festival is organized at the end of June and goes on till the first week of July.