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Porcupine Mountains – Wilderness adventure and relaxation

The Porcupine Mountains, fondly known as the Porkies, are a cluster of tiny mountains spread out across the north western Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Gogebic and Ontonagon counties. It is bang next to the shore of Lake Superior.

Get ready to explore hundreds of stunning waterfalls. Prepare yourself to go on a beachcombing trip and make sure to get your bag along to collect the splay of colourful stones brightening up the place and be ready to explore about 21 miles of pristine beaches.

All you need to enjoy a trip to the Porcupine Mountains is a sense of adventure and plenty of spontaneity. There are so many things to do here that even a month is not enough to fully understand and value the Porkies. You can do anything from taking a daring canoeing trip along the twisty and naughty Ontonagon River to paddling a sea kayak over the crisp, cool calm waters right along the sculpted shores of Lake Superior.

If that is not enough then there are about 21 miles of mountain biking trails offering the most spectacular of views overlooking Lake Superior and a the beautiful panorama of grandiose old-growth forests. You can choose to snowshoe, hike or cross-country ski across 87 miles of scenic trails twisting their way through maple, hemlock, birch and basswood trees. Stop under the shade of an elm tree and take a nice long nap and make sure to visit the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

Pack your fishing gear along with you because you have plenty of salmon and trout in Lake Superior and several of the free-running rivers. There is a delicate blend of nature and history hidden amongst the Porkies. Brace yourself for a scenic tour of the lighthouses and copper mines which takes you back in time. Brace yourself for the overwhelming sight of the Lake of the Clouds and do visit the Victoria Dam – a man-made phenomenon.

The Porcupine Mountains proudly boast the biggest tract of old-growth hardwood forests to the west of the Adirondacks. These immaculate forests are teeming with wildlife like river otters, black bear, timber wolves, deer and even moose. There are an abundant variety of plantations as well like the uncommon woodland plants which depend completely on the old-growth forest habitat that thrives here.

Stop, relax and be prepared to step back into time when you visit the Porcupine Mountains, no matter which season you choose to visit. The Porkies are aspectacular in every season and have a new experience and something on display throughout the year. Get ready to experience free-flowing rivers, virgin forests and serene beaches. For all the lush nature surrounding you, I assure you that there are plenty of cabins, motels, inns and resorts available to suit every kind of budget and every need you may have.

Come visit the beautiful Porcupine Mountains where the stars shine brighter and the air is cleaner. If you are lucky you may even get a chance to experience the breathtaking Northern Lights.