Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle Entrance

Nottingham Castle was built originally by William the Conqueror, who built in by the usual way then, in wood. The castle was rebuilt in stone later by Henry II.

The castle of now is a very different scenario, and you will not see much that will match with your idea of what the traditional castle should look like.

The caves, the outer walls, the gate house are the few elements about the Nottingham Castle that do give one a hint that it is a traditional castle one is visiting.

Nottingham Castle Entrance

The Ducal Mansion is situated at the site of the Nottingham castle. The Mansion was built in the 17 t h Century, and is located in the grounds of the castle amid the remains of the previous castle walls. The ruins are cluttered all through the grounds here.

The Ducan Mansion was actually the first museum of Fine Art in the province, and was established in the year eighteen seventy eight.

The art museum even now houses its collection. The museum also has a number of traveling exhibitions. There are a good number of excellent displays.

The Nottingham Castle has an old association with the legend of Robin Hood, the robber who was symbolized for natural justice. He basically was a robber who stole from the rich and gave it to the poor.

Nottingham Castle Gate
Nottingham Castle Gate

The site for Nottingham castle is at the moment in the hands of the Nottingham City Council. It is among the most worth while sites in Nottingham, and you can visit here. The site remains open on fixed hours, and these vary through out the year.

October to February
From Tuesday to Sunday
10 a m – 4 p m (last entry will be 30 mins prior to closing time)
March to September
From Tuesday to Sunday
10 a m – 5 p m

The Entrance fee will also include entrance to the Museum of Nottingham Life, which is situated in Bew house Yard. The entry is priced at

£ 15 for a family ticket ( up to 3 children with 2 adults ),
£ 4 . 00 for concessions ( student under 16 or over 60 )
£ 5 . 50 for adults
Group rates – 1 free ticket for every 10 you buy.